Top 13 Bank Bonuses And Promotions – September 2023

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Banks regularly offer cash bonuses and other promotions to attract new customers. You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by opening an account.

Top 13 Bank Bonuses And Promotions – September 2023

We reviewed banks across the United States to find the best bank promotions. Save Money Check Referrals and Business Account Bonus offers are selected based on their cash value and ease of earning rewards.

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Accounts are basic tools for financial management and payments. Now might be the time to find a new bank and take advantage of these lucrative account promotions.

If you meet the deposit requirements. When you open a new personal checking account, you can get up to $2,000 in cash from Citi®. With this checking account bonus offer, you can choose from four checking account affiliate levels and five bonus levels.

New Huntington Bank customers can earn up to $600 by opening and funding a Perks or Platinum Perks checking account.

The Smartly® Checking Account from Bank of America is an interest-bearing account with many benefits, including access to the Bank of America mobile app and bonuses worth up to $350.

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A savings account is a great place to keep an emergency fund or set aside money to pay for big-ticket items. Boost your savings with one of these lucrative bank promotions.

If you’re looking for a savings account with a higher-than-average APR. Alliant Credit Union’s Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account might be right for you. You can also earn bonuses when you build a regular saving habit.

Some banks offer referral bonuses to customers who encourage family and friends to sign up for accounts. In all likelihood, the people you refer will receive their own bonus.

HSBC will reward you with $300 for every friend or family member you refer who signs up for an account. When they qualify for an HSBC Premier account and complete qualifying activities; they can also receive a bonus of up to $1,000. Earn up to $6,000 in referral bonuses each calendar year.

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Chime* makes it easy for you and a friend or family to earn $100. There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can receive.

Bank bonuses are also available for business accounts. You can earn some extra cash to share with employees or expand your business with these valuable business account promotions.

With the Huntington Unlimited Plus business checking account; you’ll enjoy benefits like unlimited transactions and online access to your account. For a limited time; new customers can choose from two bonus offerings and receive up to $1,000 in cash bonuses when they sign up for a new account. This method is:

Chase Business Complete Checking® earns interest and includes additional features like convenient payment processing and daily deposits through QuickAccept®. You can also earn a $300 bonus for doing business with Chase.

Bank Of America Promotions: November 2023

Customers who open a new custom business checking account from M&T Bank can receive an additional $500 bonus if they maintain a qualifying balance for three months.

It may be too late to take advantage of these bonuses. However, when you’re considering current offers, it can be helpful to look at the types of bank bonuses offered in the past.

Citi is offering bonuses of up to $5,000 to new clients; although you need to be a bona fide millionaire to qualify for this amount. The bank also has lower bonus levels.

If two TD Bank savings accounts meet the funding requirements, you can apply for a $200 bonus on opening a new personal savings account.

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If you can take advantage of one of the best bank promotions, now may be the time to switch banks. Before switching banks make sure it offers the products and services you need. Big bonuses are great, but having a bank that fits your financial lifestyle is even more important.

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1 The retailer receiving your cash will be responsible for transferring the deposit funds to your Chime Checking account. If you use a retailer other than Walgreens, you may be required to pay a cash deposit fee.

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