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Pet Insurance For Rats – The tragic death from “rat bite fever” of a 10-year-old San Diego boy highlights the risk posed by pet rodents, according to a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Rat-bite fever is a rare but potentially fatal illness that should be considered in persons with a rash, fever, and joint pain, and when reporting a history of rodent exposure,” said a team led by Dr. Jessica Adam of the CDC’s Epidemiology. intelligence service

Pet Insurance For Rats

The case outlined in the report occurred in August 2013. Adamo’s team said the boy, previously healthy, first developed a fever of 102.6 degrees and “experienced rigors, fever, vomiting, headaches and leg pains.”

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His doctor initially diagnosed the disease as an infection with a gastrointestinal virus. But “over the next 24 hours, the patient experienced vomiting and a persistent fever. He was confused and weak before collapsing at home,” the CDC report said.

By the time paramedics reached the boy he was “unresponsive”, and he died in a hospital emergency room.

, a potentially deadly germ that causes rat-bite fever and “can be transmitted to humans through rodent bites or scratches; about one in 10 bites could cause infection,” according to the CDC authors.

Adam and her colleagues said the boy had two pet rats: the first tested negative for

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, but the second one, recently obtained, was positive. “The autopsy report noted that a patient had been scratched by his pet rats,” the researchers said.

Adam’s team suggested that rat-bite fever might be underreported because the condition does not have to be reported to health authorities in the United States.

In an attempt to determine its overall incidence, they looked through hospital records in San Diego County for 2000-2012 and found 16 cases during that time period, which did not include the one fatal case involving the 10-year-old in 2013.

“Most infections (94 percent) were pet-associated,” the team noted. “One patient had occupational exposure (a rat breeder). Sixteen of 17 patients reported exposure to rats. Of these, 44 percent reported only handling a rat, 38 percent reported being bitten and 13 percent reported a scratch.”

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Based on the findings, Adam’s team said that doctors should be alert to rat-bite fever when symptoms occur, and they emphasize that “almost all domestic and wild rats carry.

Prompt treatment is crucial, because although rat-bite fever is treatable with antibiotics, deaths occur in about 13 percent of untreated cases.

The researchers also emphasized that a scratch or bite from the rat is not necessary for transmission, because infection can occur “by consuming food or water contaminated with the bacteria.”

Their advice to pet rat owners? “Wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after handling rats or cleaning rat cages, avoid rat secretions and seek medical care immediately if they have symptoms of rat bite fever after contact with rats.”

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The findings are published in the Dec. 18 issue of the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. After a conversation about Rat Care U.K., I thought it would be interesting to see if it would be more beneficial for me to purchase pet insurance . for a year than doing what I usually do (just save into a separate bank account specifically for rat vets).

I got a quote from an insurance company that covers small animals. They only allow you to get a quote for 3 animals at a time so I did 3 of my 11 girls and said they had no known medical issues.

One of the main concerns is that when they choose your pet type, they have dumb, fancy and brown as separate varieties. They also have black rats listed. On top of that they seem to decide the insurance cost based on how much the animal costs, and the lowest you can go is £10 each, which doesn’t take into account rats you’ve bred yourself or rescued.

So after many more questions and more personal information than I care to give, their cheapest policy for three of my rats with no health problems and at the lowest price bought for them was £33.06/month. Now if I scale that up as if I were covering my 11 rats, I would be paying £121.22/month to cover my rats. Unfortunately, there is a £65 excess which means they would only pay for anything over £65 per vet visit.

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Most vet visits for rats usually require a consultation fee plus any medication. Costs vary with each practice and depending on where you live, but at my vets a consultation is £14 and medication is anywhere from £7-£20. Not near the minimum excess, which means none of those vet trips would be covered.

So I figured out how much I spent on vet trips in total in 2018, and then worked out how much I would have paid if I had that insurance, assuming the insurance would pay for everything I claimed for (including out-of-hours fees and lab test costs), but only for those trips that cost £65 or more, and the insurance only covers ABOVE £65, so you still have to pay the first £65.

So I already knew insurance wasn’t worth it, but it’s amazing to actually see the difference in cost; over £1000 more per year with insurance than without.Pet Keen is reader supported. When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Keeping pet rats is becoming more and more popular these days—and for good reason! Despite their dubious reputation as vermin, rats or “ghost rats” as enthusiasts call them, make great pets and are actually very loving, friendly and easy to train.

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Rats are small, and so it is not unreasonable to assume that the cost of keeping one as a pet will also be small. While caring for a pet is fairly uncomplicated, there are some costs involved, of course. This includes suitable accommodation, beds, food and accessories, in addition to the cost of adoption.

Depending on how many rats you intend to keep, they can actually be quite an expensive pet, despite what you may have heard. There are many things to think about before bringing home your first pet rat, and it can become overwhelming. In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about owning a pet rat, plus all the various costs involved.

The initial cost of buying a rat is not great, but you have to consider the fact that your pet rat will be much happier if kept with other rats. We recommend having at least a couple to keep each other company, but the more the merrier! Of course, you will also need to buy a cage, bed, food bowls and accessories. These plugins can be expensive, but you’ll only buy them once!

The idea of ​​a pet store sounds great to many pet enthusiasts, but often it doesn’t work out quite as they planned. Maybe the responsibility is just too much, their rats have had babies they want to give away, they’ve moved into a new home, or their cat noticed the new food hanging around the home! In any case, there are often owners looking for new homes for their pet rats and are willing to give them away for free. Check out your local SPCA or pet adoption website.

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One great aspect of adopting a pet from a shelter is that they usually have regular checkups and are therefore most likely in a healthy state.

Depending on the breeder, you can expect the price of pet rats to not exceed $20. As mentioned before, rats are very social creatures and so you want to have at least a pair. However, it’s a low initial expense, and many breeders may even offer a small discount if you buy more than one, so you can get them for less than $10 in these cases. We highly recommend going and visiting the breeder and making sure the parents are living in a clean and healthy environment.

The total cost of supplies you will need before bringing home a pet rat will largely depend on how many you plan to have. For the purposes of this article, we will keep estimates under the assumption of a pair of rats, as this is the most common situation, and there is no real difference in cost of owning one or two.

Once you’ve covered your pet rat’s cage, toys, and other initial expenses, there aren’t many other big expenses to worry about. Depending again on how many rats you own, your main annual cost will be food, treats and bedding. Bedding should be changed frequently to avoid bad odors and an unhealthy environment.

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Rats are fairly healthy pets, although they have a tendency to form tumors. While many of these tumors are benign, they will still need to be operated on and removed. This is usually found in females because they are prone to breast tumors, but males can also get them.

$100–$150 a year for health care may not seem like a lot, but you need it

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