Pet Insurance For Rabbits

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Naturally, cats and dogs receive special treatment and consideration for pet insurance. This makes sense when you consider how many people own them. But when you realize that smaller creatures get less attention (like rabbits), this can be a real pain at times.

Pet Insurance For Rabbits

After all, you want to give your rabbit the same kind of love and affection that people want to give other domesticated pets – and frankly, exotic pet vets tend to have higher costs. So, insurance can really benefit you in emergency situations.

Is A Rabbit Right For You?

Another attractive thing about having insurance for your rabbit is that it often does not show signs of illness until it is very advanced. Then care is absolutely crucial. So fortunately, your rabbit has not been completely forgotten. Some pet insurance companies cover your long-eared best friend.

It is not unusual to see someone get a rabbit as an Easter gift for their child, without really realizing the commitment that comes with it. Rabbits, like many caged animals, are often overlooked or underestimated.

Additionally, it is difficult to find a vet who will treat smaller animals, and finding an affordable exotic vet can be a challenge. The reality is that even the smallest animals we own require some type of medical care at some point in their lives.

If something unexpected happens to one of your pets that requires veterinary care, you need to have a plan in place just in case.

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, And Peter

Myxomatosis is a serious disease in domestic rabbits caused by a mosquito bite. It leads to fever, lethargy and eventual death with 100% mortality and no successful treatment.

Because of the way a rabbit moves, it is easy for them to injure one of their limbs. This can come from improper handling, jumping from high places or jumping up – and not quite making it.

When they damage a limb, it can lead to total or partial limb paralysis. This can be due to trauma, injury or defect. Any type of limb paralysis automatically requires veterinary care.

Affecting both wild and domestic rabbits, rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease is a viral and deadly issue for our furry friends.

The Best Exotic Pet Insurance (2023 Guide)

Flystrike is a problem for both domestic and wild rabbits. When a rabbit sits in damp and dirty areas, flies are attracted to the soft parts of the fur and lay eggs in the pores. If not treated properly, flystrike can kill a rabbit within 24 hours.

Your rabbit’s teeth continue to grow consistently throughout their lifetime. It is important to have chewable materials to wear down the teeth naturally. Many rabbits benefit from wooden blocks, hard food items such as carrots and grains and timothy hay.

If your rabbit doesn’t have the proper way to wear down its teeth, they can become overgrown, creating eating problems and toothaches. Some tooth overgrowth may even require surgery if it gets far enough out of control. Teeth can grow into the gum line and create infections and abscesses.

Of course, your rabbit can also suffer from its own unique ailments. This is not an exhaustive list. However, knowing common problems can help you prepare for potential expenses.

A Care Guide For New Rabbits: Housing & Exercise

Exotic pets and small animals are just now starting to get some attention. Businesses understand that people don’t just own dogs and cats.

Policies must be tailored to match consumer needs. So in the future, more pet insurance companies will probably start accepting small animals like rabbits.

In January 2020, Nationwide announced its policies for birds and exotic pets. This has changed the way pet insurance companies move forward.

The more options they give customers, the more likely they will drive business. Nationwide now leads with its comprehensive plans, including for rabbits.

Welcome To Bunny House At Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Nationwide also provides cover for many domesticated birds, reptiles and amphibians. You can get a complete list of comprehensive pricing and eligibility factors here.

Each policy is different and tailored to match your needs. Some insurance companies offer a wider range of options. In this case, since Nationwide is the only insurance company that accepts rabbits at this time, you’ll have to take what they offer or look for other savings options.

Accident cover is nice to have because anything is possible. If your pet is involved in an accident and they are injured, it is not something predictable and you could be surprised financially.

Disease happens. Sometimes you foresee it, and sometimes you don’t. Rabbits are very tricky when it comes to getting sick. Most of the time, you will not notice any noticeable symptoms until the disease is advanced. Immediate veterinary treatment is usually essential.

Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month February 2024

You may not think that dental care sounds like a big concern for your rabbit. But if they don’t chew properly, their teeth can become overgrown, causing major problems. They have what are called incisors. Incisors are teeth that are constantly growing and are a feature found in other rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels.

When it’s time for your little one to cross the rainbow bridge, you can see if anything is covered – like cremation and burial.

Emergency coverage is a very smart part of any care plan. Anything can happen – suddenly you may find yourself driving to find an exotic vet after hours. In fact, many things that land you at the vet can be at inconvenient times.

Policies can vary in cost depending on the benefits you choose when building them. You can generally control the cost a little depending on which care plan you want to set up. If you have a specific budget in mind, you can always work with a customer service representative at your chosen insurance company to help you out.

Rabbit Haven Calendar — Rabbit Haven

Since pet insurance is not always an option for every owner, there are other options to save money on veterinary care.

The Wells Fargo Health Advantage is a secure debit card with an assigned amount that varies from person to person. You apply like a credit card, and once you’re approved, you can use this Health Advantage card to pay for veterinary expenses or get discounts, especially for the unexpected.

Pet Assure is a company that definitely tries to help reduce the cost of veterinary care for all animals, including rabbits. You can get discounts on lots of medications and in-house services. You simply register on the website, get a card through your employer and use the discount available at selected veterinary offices.

Lucky for your rabbit, at least one insurance company offers medical coverage for the species. You can look at the website to see which specific coverage options will work best for your rabbit.

How Much Does A Rabbit Cost? (plus Ongoing Monthly Costs)

If your rabbit has any pre-existing conditions, you can also discuss this with the company to see if they offer coverage. Also, stay tuned – more options for rabbits are sure to appear.

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Pet insurance provides financial protection against expensive vet bills and peace of mind that your pet will receive care if they are sick or injured. Unfortunately, many of the best pet insurance companies only cover dogs and cats – not exotic animals.

A Blind Bunny And Her Seeing Eye Brother

We at the Guides Home Team researched the best pet insurance companies and polled 1,000 pet parents to find the best providers for exotic pets. Here is our top recommendation.

Exotic pet insurance works the same way as a typical pet insurance plan. The plans usually cover costs related to your pet’s accidents and illnesses, such as fees for veterinary exams, lab work and x-rays. Unlike human health insurance, you pay your vet directly at the cash register and receive compensation from your provider later.

The main difference between regular pet insurance and exotic pet insurance is the type of animal covered. Below are common pets that are in a pet insurance company’s “exotic” category:

Exotic pet insurance policies cover similar procedures and treatments as for cats and dogs. This means compensation for common care problems for reptiles, birds, rodents and more. As with typical pet insurance policies, coverage only covers accidents and illnesses. Preventive care, such as routine veterinary visits, is not covered. Pre-existing conditions are also excluded.

How Much Is A Pet Bunny

Exotic pet insurance costs the same as regular pet insurance. The monthly premium can vary from $10 to $100. The type

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