Pet Insurance For Potbelly Pigs

Pet Insurance For Potbelly Pigs – A “runaway” pig is in hot water in South Carolina after running away from its owner’s house one too many times and entering elementary school.

A pot-bellied pig named Leroy was detained by Columbia, South Carolina, officials after his owner, McGregor Wallace, was cited for owning a pig within city limits and having a fugitive animal.

Pet Insurance For Potbelly Pigs

Wallace alleges in a Facebook post published Friday that Leroy was kept “in a terrible atmosphere” unsuitable for a pet pig.

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“The pound is completely unsuitable for raising pigs or for keeping them,” Wallace wrote. “He is currently sitting in a concrete cage being fed dog food.”

Wallace told State he bought the pig as an emotional support pet, adding that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Leroy was allegedly taken away after crashing into Brennen Elementary School for the fourth time this summer, Karen York, a spokeswoman for Richland County School District One told USA TODAY.

Wallace said in the post that he started playing with students, and that the school “put him behind the gates”. York confirmed to USA TODAY that the pig is fenced in, but said that no one plays with the pig “every time he wanders around campus.”

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The Best Friends Animal Society says that pot-bellied pigs are much smaller than the average hog, weighing between 120 and 180 pounds on average. Pot-bellied pigs also live, on average, up to 18 years. On the way to crowning New Jersey’s Top Pet, we’ve introduced readers to Maggie the dog, Cleopatra the bunny, and Ringo the dog.

These pets represent the counties of Somerset, Hunterdon and Monmouth and three categories in our initial ballot — cats, non-canine and feline pets and small dogs.

Get to know each animal in the photo above and the story and video below before casting your vote for next week’s Top Pet.

Who should be the winner? Pig? Rabbit? One of the cats, or the dog? you tell us. We still have three more pet profiles before the big vote.

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Diane Yusko was aiming to adopt a foster dog when she traveled to a home in Pennsylvania after seeing a listing on Craigslist.

Pig, who he names Otto, settles into the house in Howell and soon becomes a “foster failure”.

“My family thinks I’m crazy,” says Yusko, 50, an accountant. Before Otto, he owned guinea pigs, but never pigs.

Referred to as the “mini pot-bellied pig”, Otto proves that he will never be “mini” as long as he feasts on everything Yusko gives him to eat. After getting sick from eating azaleas in the backyard, Yusko gives Otto his own fenced area, complete with a “hog crossing” sign. There, she basks in the sun, takes root in the ground and digs up worms. He also has his own kiddie pool and mini ball pit where Yusko throws treats for the pigs to find.

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Otto the pig with his owner, Diane Yusko, at his home in Howell. (Amy Kuperinsky | Continued Media for )

Another adjustment Yusko made to protect his home from pigs was to install weights to keep his refrigerator and cupboards closed, as Otto, now 3, can and will search around in his absence. But Otto wasn’t just house trained, he also rang a bell when he had to go out. And if the sliding door to the backyard was ajar, he could open it himself, with a nudge of his muzzle.

Otto washes his face in the yellow bowl outside when Yusko asks him to, and he snorts a little as he brushes his hair — not fur (he’s hypoallergenic).

Pigs will usually have apples and pig feed for breakfast and a bowl of vegetables for dinner. He also gets SpongeBob gummy vitamins with his food, and fish and omega 3 oils to keep his hair shiny. His personal tastes range from potatoes to beer (he’s definitely broken into the fridge before).

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Like most dogs, Otto can turn or turn on command. She also gives “kisses” and eoys walks on Bubble Wrap.

Most days, Midnight and Blackie would return in the afternoon to chill around the house, but as outdoor cats their daily paths were known only to them.

The 1-year-old tuxedo cats, brothers and sisters, found their way to the Cirianni family in Whitehouse Station when Diana Cirianni saw one of them at a garage sale. Over a bird, he asked the owner if the cat was for sale. Not really, but they’d be willing to part with the cat, if her brother could come along.

Joey, whose cat allergy is mitigated by keeping his pets outside, can lift Midnight and Blackie into various angles for a bit of playtime and they won’t scratch at them or get mad.

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Diana Cirianni adopted Blackie and Midnight after seeing one of the cats at a garage sale and asking if she could bring them home to her family. (Amy Kuperinsky | Continued Media for )

“It feels like they’re part of, like, our family, because the first day we got them, they were, like, running up to us,” says Joey.

The two cats also show an interest in water. They will chill by the family’s above ground pool and play in the water — even if the cover is still on. Every night without fail, they come home to the garage. They have been known to hunt rats, birds and snakes, but never harm them — only bring them back home to show family. They are also known to favor plain bagels and pizza crust.

Kasia Mrozowski named her dog Monster as a way of acknowledging the breed’s reputation as a so-called “ugly” dog.

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“He’s been called ‘ugly’ his whole life,” Mrozowski, 30, says of the 9-year-old Chinese crested dog, his breed named for the white fur that rises atop his head.

“I once had someone ask me if he was a goat,” he says, admitting that this breed isn’t as well known as some of the others.

“I had never seen it until I bought it,” says Mrozowski, of Bridgewater, who works in healthcare development and management. To this day, he and Monster, who loves skateboarding, have never met another Chinese crested in their travels.

There are lots of extra steps to caring for a Chinese crested, he says, including letting Monster wear cotton shirts and dog clothes (he is allergic to anything else), bathing him up to three times a week and applying sunscreen to protect against sunburn. its skin is mostly hairless. Even though he’s a hypoallergenic pet, he has various food allergies, so he keeps him on a grain-free diet, feeding him rice, vegetables, and fish.

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“He eats better than I do,” says Mrozowski. But those are all minor obstacles when you consider the advantages of having a Chinese crested, he says.

“He was so different,” says Mrozowski, who has lived in New Jersey and Krakow, Poland. “He is funny.” And he tends to be better with humans than dogs — “He thinks he’s human,” she says.

The monster understands commands in both Polish and English, and will give its owner a kiss when a promised banana appears nearby.

He may be a posh-looking purebred Persian cat, but before Happy Home Animal Rescue at Old Bridge took him in, Alfie was found walking the streets of Harlem disheveled, with burn marks all over his body.

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Living his post-rescue life for the last five months with Courtney and Steve DeFeo in Franklin Township, Alfie shares a home with another cat named Fitz, a 1 1/2 year old Russian blue mix, and Cecil, an 11 year old Russian blue mix. -an old basset hound, as well as Chittery, an 11 year old chinchilla.

When a snow-white cat with green almond-shaped eyes walks gracefully past a sniffing dog, it’s hard to deny the fact that she’s in charge. It didn’t take long for him to assert his dominance, even as a newcomer.

Steve and Courtney DeFeo of Franklin Township with Alfie, their Persian cat. (Amy Kuperinsky | Continued Media for )

“He’s very quiet,” says Courtney, who manages Alfie’s Instagram page. “He doesn’t meow — like before. It’s very rare, when he just wants his siblings to play with him.”

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Because Alfie has lost so much, the DeFeos are both 28 years old – Steve works in IT at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and Courtney works as a program specialist for the college’s new hiring program at Optum, a healthcare company — runs an air purifier and frequently change the air filter in their home. They also routinely use de-matter on Alfie’s long hair.

Alfie played with his toy cat, made a mess of his white fur as he ate his wet food, devoured Greenies treats, sat by the sink — where he would drink water if his owner held him — and explored the dungeons.

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