Pet Insurance For Hamsters

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It seems simple enough to buy that cute bunny in the window or colorful fish in the aquarium, but they still come with high costs and, often, a long-term commitment.

Pet Insurance For Hamsters

The best way to prepare financially for these little guys is to talk to a vet beforehand, says Dr. Laurie Hess, owner of the Veterinary Center for Exotic and Avian Birds in Bedford Hills, New York. Hess says most people with small pets don’t think about health care until their pets get sick. By that time, however, the problem may progress to the point where treatment has become too expensive for the owner to justify.

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“Many times, the species I deal with don’t have the same emotional or financial value as a cat or dog might,” says Hess. “You want to give your pet a good life, so it’s important to consider this ahead of time.”

We researched the costs of ownership for five popular small household pets. Click on our slide show to see if you’re ready to foot the bill for a rabbit, hamster, bird, snake or fish.

Preventive care is the best way to keep rabbits on a budget. Get them spayed or neutered to reduce the risk of cancer and urinary tract infections, two diseases that can require expensive medical treatment later. The procedure usually costs about $160, but it can be cheaper at an animal shelter.

According to PetKeen, other initial costs include a hutch ($150 to $200), playpen ($70), hay feeder ($50 to $75), toys ($20) and grooming tools ($25). The purchase price of a rabbit is usually around $50 but, as with other animals, adoption is often a cheaper option.

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Diet is another important component in keeping medical costs down. The average cost for rabbit food is about $40 a month; you’ll want to serve the right balance of hay, fresh grass and high-fiber pellets to regulate their digestive systems, and prevent potentially life-threatening emergencies. To keep costs down, try starting a garden in your backyard that both you and the rabbit can enjoy.

Because rabbit teeth are constantly growing, high fiber pellets are critical for grinding the teeth down. If a rabbit’s choppers get too long, it won’t be able to eat, leading to a high vet bill.

It is recommended that you take your rabbit for an annual check-up, which usually costs between $20 to $50. You will also need to budget for your rabbit’s dental care, vaccinations, parasite treatment and any medical emergencies that may occur.

The last annual cost is a big one – at least $250 a year for litter and bedding.

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With these little ones, supplies will be your biggest expense, with an estimated cost of $170 per year for bedding and cage covers. To save money, use plain, unscented newspaper or toilet paper. Food averages around $50 to $80 per year for a basic hamster mix from a pet store. Vet costs can remain low; be sure to keep some kind of chew toy in Hammie’s cage, because like rabbits, hamsters’ teeth never stop growing. If they take too long, the hamster will not be able to eat and will need medical treatment.

Initially, you will also need to buy a cage ($10-$50) and toys, such as a hamster wheel ($20). Large cages with tubes and tunnels are often more expensive and harder to clean, so make your own obstacle course instead of old toilet rolls. As for the actual hamster, it usually costs only $5 to $20.

A pet bird doesn’t have to be expensive, but medical expenses can escalate quickly if you’re not familiar with how to take care of it. To avoid such crises, take your bird to a veterinarian who is familiar with the species, and learn about common diseases that occur and the best ways to avoid or catch them early. For example, female birds often lay infertile eggs without mating which can become soft, causing them to bind to the bird, resulting in what can be a life-threatening emergency. Hess recommends a seed-only diet and plenty of natural sunlight.

Other first-year costs include the cage ($50) and the purchase price, which ranges from $15 to $40 for a parakeet. After the first year, annual costs include food ($35), toys and entertainment ($50), and routine veterinary checkups ($25 to $150). Lifespan varies by species, but parrots tend to live between 15 and 18 years if given proper veterinary care.

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Reptiles may be some of the least understood small pets. As you can see, the price of a snake can vary greatly depending on the breed. Ribbon snakes can cost between $15 to $25, CaliforniaKingsnakes between $60 to $300 and Ball Pythons anywhere from $40 to $1,500.

Snakes have particularly high establishment costs because they have to live under very specific conditions. Proper heating and lighting are vital to reptile health, and you will need to purchase an under-tank heater and heat lamp for your pet snake. Glass aquariums are also part of the initial cost; you will need to purchase a 45 to 75 gallon tank with a screen top. Finally, with food and water bowls, a thermometer, climbing branches and fake leaves, you could be spending anywhere from $110 to $475.

In the beginning, also be sure to take your new pet to a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles. Many reptiles must be dewormed, while others may carry gastrointestinal parasites that can be easily eliminated before they are passed on to humans. Your vet can also talk to you about the essential dietary and environmental needs to keep your reptile healthy.

Annual costs include food ($120–$240), regular vet visits ($40–$100) and appropriate health care ($120–$300). You snake’s habitat will also require recurring maintenance, including new UV light bulbs. Heating and lighting fixtures will also have an effect on your electricity bill.

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Unless you’re looking to go the exotic route with ornamental saltwater species and plants, the cheapest pet to have is probably a fish. The set up will definitely be the most expensive part, with a basic 20 gallon aquarium kit costing close to $125. Some electricity will be used to run the lighting and filtration system, so expect a small increase in your electricity bill. Unlike with other pets, food will only cost about $20 per year. A freshwater fish can cost you anywhere from $1 to $25, depending on the species.

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Many small mammals make great pets for children and are common first time pets for many. Because of this, you will want to ensure that your small mammal has the best care, environment and diet that you can provide for them.

An important element in providing a great life for your pet is to ensure that your pet is healthy and that if they become unwell, ensuring that they receive the care they need when they need it. Most likely, you will be registered with a veterinarian and therefore have access to the care your pet needs.

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Most of us know that even for small mammals, vet fees can be expensive which is why pet insurance is so important as it helps cover the cost and ensures that your small mammal gets the care they need.

Based on a guinea pig costing £27.50 to buy, the insurance would cost around £15.36 per month over 10 months or a one-off payment of £153.60 covered for £2000 of vet fees. Prices correct from May 2022.

This varies according to the type of pet. For the most part, we insure small mammals from 8 weeks and over but for more information about your specific type of pet, Check out our Policies here.

If your small mammal has seen a vet for an illness or accident in the previous 3 months, we cannot insure it.

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However once they have been 3 months without treatment, you can reassure them. Your small mammal must be fit and healthy at the time you purchase your insurance.

Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered in the first 12 months. Coverage is subject to Policy Terms and Conditions.

Caring for small mammals depends on what type of small mammal you own and even then, there are different nuances depending on the breed.

Syrian hamsters are solitary and should be kept individually while other breeds of hamsters such as Roborovskis are best kept in pairs.

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Other considerations you will need to consider will be diet and ensuring that your small mammal gets a variety using the right

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