Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs

Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs – Guinea pigs have an average lifespan of 4 to 5 years and are not the low-maintenance pets that many people think. They need love, care and attention like any other pet.

Before you bring a guinea pig home, make sure you can provide a clean and comfortable home for your new pet. Although guinea pigs need little time by themselves, they are also social creatures who benefit from plenty of exercise, enrichment activities, and social interaction.

Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs

You can let your guinea pig out of their house to play and run around your house; Make sure your home is safe for them to run and play. Your guinea pig is likely to chew on computer wires and piles of paper. Make sure you put these things away when going out to play.

Importance Of Veterinary Care For Pocket Pets

You will need time to care for your guinea pig, clean their cage every few days, and provide your new guinea pig with proper nutrition. When your guinea pig depends on you for good health, you can count on Pet Assure to cover the costs of providing high-quality veterinary care.

Pet Assure provides financial protection against various guinea pig health conditions. Some of these include:

Pet guinea pigs are a popular exotic animal for people to keep as pets. Whether it’s a new concern like a urinary tract infection or your guinea pigs need treatment for pre-existing conditions, Pet Assure can help. We are a veterinary discount plan that provides a low cost pet insurance alternative for all types of pets, even guinea pigs! There are no exclusions to this plan due to age, breed or hereditary conditions. Even pre-existing conditions are covered! Get a quote today.

We know you love your guinea pig and want to give it the best possible care. Learn more about Pet Assure today! Animal shelter operators and other advocates say the city council passed a bill to ban guinea pig sales, saying the number of people abandoning their pets during the pandemic has contributed to the hairy situation. But pet shop representatives say their efforts to solve the problem have been futile.

Police Say Someone Abandoned These 2 Guinea Pigs On A Maine Trail

A Union Square Petco advertised cheap guinea pigs ahead of a citywide ban on the sale of rats on April 11, 2024.

City leaders took another step this week to ban the sale of guinea pigs within the five boroughs.

The City Council voted 42 to 7 on Tuesday in favor of a bill banning the sale of furry mice, sending a long-stalled proposal sponsored by 36 of the 51 council members to the mayor’s desk.

“Guinea pigs should be adopted, not sold in pet stores,” said City Council member Lynn Shulman (D-Queens), who chairs the health committee, holding up a guinea pig doll during the committee vote to show her support. “You can see me touching it — most guinea pigs you can’t touch. They’re very sensitive.”

Is It Worth Getting Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs?

As the city previously reported, the bill has been praised for months by animal shelters and rescue groups as a measure to curb impulse purchases of guinea pigs, which have grown in popularity during the pandemic.

Many owners later surrendered their furry, four-legged rodents and found them burdensome to care for as the city began to return to normalcy. This, advocates say, overwhelms under-resourced animal shelters.

“We’re still getting calls from people who find abandoned guinea pigs in city parks,” said Allie Taylor, president of the Bushwick-based advocacy nonprofit Voters for Animal Rights, which expressed enthusiasm and urged lawmakers to support the bill. Committee support. “It couldn’t come soon enough.”

Katie Hansen, spokeswoman for Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), the city’s municipal animal shelter system, told the city that the influx of abandoned guinea pigs has yet to decrease since the council heard about the bill in December.

Blind Guinea Pig And Her Carer Sister Looking For New Home

The ACC has taken in 188 guinea pigs so far this year, Hansen said — a number closer to the roughly 250 pigs it received annually before the pandemic, just over three months into 2023. Hansen added that about 750 of these rats were taken last year — more than half of which, she said, came from owners who bought them from pet stores.

“It’s crazy,” she told the city. “We had to buy housing,” she added — referring to the guinea pig towers that cost about $5,000.

Council member Joanne Arreola (R-Queens), as one of the bill’s opponents, expressed reservations about the outright ban approach during Tuesday morning’s committee vote, in which seven members voted in favor and two against.

“There seems to be an overreaction to the increased consumption of guinea pigs by shelters during the pandemic when so many people abandon their pets or give them up for adoption,” Arreola said during the committee vote. “It was temporary and could be better addressed with an adoption and awareness campaign.”

How Long Are Guinea Pigs Pregnant?

Mike Bober, president and CEO of the Pet Advocacy Network, which represents pet shop owners, noted that the increase in shelter intakes reflects an epidemic increase in pet ownership.

“I never want to diminish the importance of any animal’s life,” Bober told the city. “But when you look at the population of New York City, when you look at the intake numbers, those intake numbers don’t even leave the hundreds … It raises the question of the magnitude of the problem.”

At a council hearing on the issue in December, Bober said stores shared concerns about the welfare of guinea pigs and the need for pet owner education.

“Pet stores should have an opportunity to work as partners in caring for pets with the shelter and rescue community instead of being seen as the enemy or as someone to be regulated,” he told the City on Monday.

Insurance For Guinea Pigs

Pet shop owners have expressed “strong interest” in discussing alternative solutions with the bill’s advocates, who reached a December hearing with the bill’s advocates to no avail. Its sponsors and supporters, he said, “were not interested in having a conversation.”

“In some cases, those requests fell on deaf ears. In other cases, they refused outright,” Bober told the city. “There was a lot of guesswork and conjecture, and it should be done at the pet store, not at the pet store.”

He added that pet stores represent a “great source of information” and places where guinea pigs are displayed and allowed for adoption. Many shops are already willing to be adoption facilitators, Bober said — which, he added, would ease the pressure on shelters.

“It’s entirely possible that it won’t work, or won’t work. But the truth is that it has never been entertained,” Bober said. “That’s the frustrating part.”

Feeding Your Guinea Pigs

When asked about conversations between lawyers and pet shop owners, ACC’s Hansen told the City he had “no comment.”

A chain pet store employee who spoke to the city on Tuesday said she owns a guinea pig but admits she has to keep them under control.

“It’s a lot of work, especially for a child: food, toys – if you want good quality food, it’s expensive. The first time you get one, you lose a lot of money,” said the woman, who did not want her name published because she was not authorized to speak for her store. She said she supports the bill because “they should make it harder to sell, so no one buys them.”

The bill will now go to Mayor Eric Adams, and it will take effect 30 days after he signs it — or automatically become law if he doesn’t act within a month.

Reasons Not To Get A Guinea Pig

The city council earlier this year banned the sale of reconditioned batteries — yet fire department inspectors didn’t look for them at the store that was destroyed weeks ago.

A bill to establish a regulated insurance program passed both chambers of the state Legislature last week to help get commuter van drivers back on the road.

The council member, often accused of being MIA, is running for a fifth term representing Brownsville. She is running against two challengers, led by the first candidate fighting for the endorsement. Small but mighty! Small mammals like rabbits and guinea pigs may not seem like high-work pets at first glance, but dig deeper and you’ll find that there are many tasks and duties to take care of to make your small mammal’s life easier. A good one.

We challenge you to take the 30-day small mammal challenge to better understand your upcoming responsibilities when you decide to adopt a pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig.

Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Guinea Pig Food

Rabbit and guinea pig hair like to stick to clothing; Removing it before going out is part of a pet owner’s life. you

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