Pet Insurance For Cats With Pre-existing Conditions

Pet Insurance For Cats With Pre-existing Conditions – As a loving pet parent, your pet’s health and happiness always comes first. So, if your pet’s application is rejected due to a pre-existing medical condition, it can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

To understand why most pet insurance plans do not cover some pre-existing conditions, it is important to first understand the purpose of pet insurance.

Pet Insurance For Cats With Pre-existing Conditions

The purpose of pet insurance is to reimburse you for appropriate veterinary expenses and help protect your pet’s health when the unexpected happens. You pay a pet insurance premium monthly (or annually) in exchange for coverage for accidents and illnesses that may happen to your pet in the future.

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Pre-existing conditions are illnesses or injuries that occurred before your pet’s insurance plan began or during the waiting period. It can also include

Illnesses or injuries. Depending on the terms of your pet’s insurance policy, waiting periods can last from a few days to a few months.

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario where a pet insurance claim may be denied due to a pre-existing condition:

One day you noticed that your dog was limping and you took him to the vet. Your vet notes that your dog may be showing early signs of arthritis and may need medication in the future. You expect higher vet bills in the future, so you sign up for a pet insurance plan after a vet visit. Once your plan goes into effect, it likely won’t cover arthritis medication because your dog a) has already been diagnosed with arthritis and/or b) had arthritis symptoms before your coverage started.

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They understand that their pet has health problems. While it is understandable why they would seek coverage, pet insurance is only designed to cover accidents and illnesses that may occur in the future. Therefore, many pet insurance providers impose a waiting period to ensure that insurance benefits only cover accidents and illnesses that have not yet occurred, have no symptoms, or have not developed.

However, this is not all trouble! Some pet insurance plans may have exclusions depending on your pet’s condition.

While terminal or chronic pre-existing conditions, such as allergies, heart disease or hyperthyroidism, are generally not covered, if your pet’s condition is curable, has been treated and a certain amount of time has passed, some pet insurance plans may reinstate coverage for the condition.

Let’s say your cat was diagnosed with a respiratory infection before your pet insurance took effect. If the infection is curable, it has been treated and cured, and six months have passed without any recurrence of the infection or symptoms of the infection, the infection can no longer be considered pre-existing.

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Tip: For pet insurance plans, an injury or illness that is curable, has been cured and has been untreated and symptom-free for 180 days will no longer be considered pre-existing, except for knee and ligament conditions. If the knee condition or ligament develops before the effective date of the policy or during the waiting period, any future conditions will not be covered.

Some pet insurance plans cover relevant hereditary or congenital accidents and illnesses. Keep in mind that this depends on their coverage options. All pet insurance providers are different when it comes to their coverage options, so be sure to do your research before choosing a provider.

These aren’t pre-requisites, but many pet parents are surprised to learn that their pet insurance plan doesn’t cover them. Many pet insurance plans exclude preventive care and additional procedures such as:

These procedures fall under the category of routine care, which often excludes them from pet insurance coverage because they are not considered an accident or illness expense. However, some pet insurance plans may help pay for dental or ear cleaning if it is to treat conditions such as gum disease or an ear infection. Good news? Some pet insurance providers offer preventative wellness packages to help pay for a variety of preventative services.

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Tip: offers preventatives for dogs and cats! This is not insurance, but an additional wellness package that you can add to your insurance plan.

The best pet insurance for you and your pet depends on a number of factors. From your deductible amount to your annual coverage limit to what works best for your pet’s breed and behavior, there is so much to consider.

No matter which pet insurance plan you choose, our best advice is to sign up as early as possible! The earlier you register your pet, the healthier it will be, which means more help you can get throughout its life. As long as you do your homework and find a plan with great coverage, you’ll be one step closer to prioritizing your fur baby’s health and happiness.

At , we know a thing or two about prioritizing the health and happiness of pets. Pet insurance plans help return 90% of qualifying veterinary bills for cats and dogs every day. The plans we offer have no age or breed restrictions and cover relevant behavioral issues and even the alternative treatments we offer help ensure pets get the best veterinary care – so you can worry more about care and less about cost.

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We love our pets! An impressive 70% of households in the United States have pets. As people spend more money on their pets, more of them also buy pet insurance policies. It is important to understand that not all pets may be covered by every policy, especially if they have a pre-existing medical condition. In this expert review, we’ll evaluate the best pet insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Embrace Pet Insurance Review: Full Coverage Pet Insurance With Customizable Premiums

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Embrace covers pre-existing conditions that can be cured but may be excluded from cover for a period of 12 months. Many other insurance companies look at the last 24 months or the entire life of your pet, depending on its age. This means that if your cat or dog has experienced certain illnesses before enrolling with Embrace, any related relapse will not be covered for a year after the last episode. Embrace is also one of the few pet insurance companies that differentiates between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions, providing the most long-term coverage.

With Embrace, pet owners can choose reimbursement options ranging from 70% to 90% of covered vet costs. Its plans include an annual deductible and an optional preventive care add-on. Embrace also offers a 10% discount for each additional pet and a 5% military discount. Embrace has been providing pet health insurance since 2003. Embrace also has a feature called the Healthy Pet Franchise. For each year that the pet owner does not receive reimbursement, the next year’s deductible is reduced by $50. If you have a $200 deductible and no claims for four years, your deductible will be $0. Once a claim is filed, the Healthy Pet deductible is reset.

Figo covers pre-existing conditions that are considered curable if your pet has no signs or symptoms for 12 months after the last treatment. You will need to contact Figo Customer Service to find out which conditions can be considered curable. While most pet insurers do not cover bilateral or chronic conditions, Figo covers conditions such as hip dysplasia, knee and chronic conditions, as well as cancer treatment.

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Figu does not have a maximum care duration. There is also no case limit, meaning there is no maximum claim payout per condition type. Figo also offers the Figo Pet Cloud app. Pet owners can use the app to connect with other pet owners and find pet parks, pet day care centers, and more. Through the app, Figo offers free 24/7 access to a licensed veterinarian to help in emergencies. Figo has a 14-day sick leave and a one-day accident waiting period. Pet owners can choose to be reimbursed between 70% and 100% of covered vet costs. Most plans cover 90%. Its plans have an annual deductible and Figo offers a 10% multiplier

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