Pet Insurance Coverage For Routine Care

Pet Insurance Coverage For Routine Care – If you’re looking to add a little extra to your dog or cat’s pet health insurance policy, we now have some great options that can help cover your furry friend for everything from vaccinations to regular dental cleanings.

While a basic accident and illness pet health insurance policy will cover you for the unexpected in your fur family’s future, adding preventative care to your coverage can help cover expenses you’re already spending money on.

Pet Insurance Coverage For Routine Care

There’s a good chance you’re already paying more for your pet’s ongoing health care than the cost of our new preventive care packages, and adding them to the policy will cover all sorts of things that help you. Keep your pet healthy—like your annual wellness exam, blood tests, vaccines, and more.

The Benefits Of Pet Health Insurance (and Who We Recommend)

Adding a preventive package to your base pet policy comes with several benefits. Basically, it can help cover up to 90% of your vet bills, depending on how you’ve customized your policy. Also, preventive care is not subject to your policy’s annual deductible.

You are covered for up to three important vaccinations, as well as an annual blood test that can help detect health problems. You’ll also be covered for annual screening tests for parasites (catching the problem early can save you $400 to $1,000 in treatment costs) and heartworm, as well as an annual physical for your cat or dog.

Plus, you’ll have access to our medical advice chat through the app – no more searching Quora or frantically Googling to get your answers about your pet’s health.

The Preventative+ plan includes all the benefits we’ve already discussed, and it also allows us to reimburse you for heartworm or flea/tick medications—as well as regular dental cleanings.

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For most dogs, dental cleanings require anesthesia and last more than an hour. If your pet is young and healthy, routine cleanings can average $500 to $1,000. That’s not a typo. For older dogs with oral health issues, the cost can actually exceed $1,000. That’s a big hit to your finances, and it can make a Preventive+ plan a good option to consider.

While dental cleaning bills for cats are more modest—sometimes as low as $200—some cat teeth may require extra attention, adding to the cost of the vet bill. Spending $1,000 on your cat’s dental care is not unheard of.

Having a new furry addition to your home can be really exciting – it can even be a little scary. Puppies and kittens are adorable, but they need lots of vaccines, tests and a few strategic snips to set them up for a long and healthy life.

A Preventive Care Package for Puppies and Kittens can help cover some of the initial veterinary costs for your young pet, including: two wellness exams, two fecal tests, six vaccines, as well as your puppy or kitten’s spay or Coverage for neuter procedures and microchip implantation and registration.

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Meanwhile, if you’re finding yourself schooling more on pet medical insurance in general, we’ve got you covered. Check out any of the guides below, which break things down in plain English.

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Please note: Articles and other editorial content are for educational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional legal, insurance or financial advice. The content of these educational articles does not change the terms, conditions, exclusions, or limitations of policies issued by, which differ according to your state of residence. While we regularly review previously published content to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date, there may be instances in which legal terms or policy details have changed since publication. Any fictitious examples used in editorial content are purely illustrative. Fictitious examples do not link or bind any application of your insurance policy to the specific facts and circumstances of any actual claim. If your pet gets sick or injured, pet insurance can help you avoid thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses, and many pet insurance policies can help. Come with an optional feature called Pet Wellness Plan.

Pet wellness plans cover different types of care than regular pet insurance, but they serve the same purpose. A wellness plan will reimburse you for some of the costs of routine veterinary care and give you peace of mind when you take your pet to the vet. Most importantly, your pet will always have access to the regular veterinary care they need to stay happy and healthy.

Here, we’ll explore how a pet wellness plan works and why it’s such an important part of your pet insurance policy.

A wellness plan provides reimbursement for regular veterinary expenses, which you can incur at regularly scheduled checkups with the vet. Wellness plans are sometimes called “preventive plans” because they help you pay for preventative care like dental cleanings, vaccinations, heartworm testing and more.

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Some veterinary offices offer puppy wellness plans and preventative care plans, while most pet insurance companies offer both health insurance as well as supplemental wellness plans for dogs and cats.

A pet wellness plan is similar to traditional pet insurance, but provides coverage for related expenses

Standard pet insurance works by reimbursing you for covered expenses after you pay your veterinarian for services. Most insurance plans are designed to help you with unexpected veterinary expenses associated with treating injuries and diagnosed illnesses.

For example, if you have to bring your pet to the vet because they’re lethargic and your vet needs to run tests to determine what’s wrong, you can expect your pet insurance company to reimburse you for those costs if they are covered. You can also expect reimbursement for treatment associated with covered illnesses and injuries.

Pet Insurance For Dogs & Cats

This is what is known as an accident/injury plan. They are the most common type of pet insurance. They may also cover the cost of a dog’s X-rays, CT scans, procedures, surgeries, emergency veterinary care and prescriptions, depending on the plan.

Preventative treatment is important to keep your pet healthy. They can help your pet avoid serious health complications that are both unpleasant and expensive to treat. Here’s a look at some common examples…

Your pet can suffer from irreversible kidney damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, blindness, anemia and life-threatening symptoms.

Your pet may suffer from poor circulation, fluid buildup in the lungs and/or abdomen, heart failure, pneumonia, and sudden death.

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Your pet may suffer from cataracts, blindness, wasting, hair/coat changes, hair loss, skin infections, collapse and life-threatening symptoms.

Your pet may suffer from malabsorption, wasting, abdominal pain, cancer progression and life-threatening symptoms.

Paying for a preventive procedure, such as a wellness exam, is relatively inexpensive, but the cumulative cost of wellness care can add up.

For example, a dog dental cleaning and wellness exam costs around $150. If you have a wellness plan, you may be reimbursed up to $100/year for dental cleanings.

Pet Insurance With Wellness: Spot Preventive Care

Most adult dogs and cats need to visit the vet about once a year for routine care, but your puppy will need several visits in his first year for major vaccinations and exams to give him a good, healthy start in life.

Likewise, your pet may need more regular care as they get older. Signing up for a wellness plan early will ensure your senior pet gets all the care they need, and can save you significantly on pet insurance for senior dogs if they stay healthy thanks to regular checkups twice a year.

Wellness plans are optional. Rather than purchasing a wellness plan as a stand-alone product, you should typically include it as an add-on to your pet insurance policy.

New pet parents should seriously consider investing in wellness coverage. A basic preventive care package can cost as little as $9.95 per month. Even if you only bring your pet to the vet once a year, there’s a good chance your wellness visit will cost more than $120 after you add the cost of the various diagnostic tests your vet may require.

Pet Insurance Coverage: What Does It Cover ?

At Adviser, wellness plans are available from leading insurance companies for both dogs and cats. However, the availability of wellness add-ons depends on the accompanying insurance policy and the company that provides it — and some quotes may not be a substitute for a regular care plan — so it’s important to generate a personalized recommendation based on your pet’s breed. , location, age, etc.

Most pet insurance providers offer a variety of wellness plans for dogs and cats at different price points. Not surprisingly, the most expensive wellness plans cover more tests and procedures, while the lower-priced plans usually cover the basics.

When shopping and comparing pet insurance at Advisor, you may have the option of adding one of two types of wellness plans to your policy. you

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