Motorcycle Insurance For Moped Riders

Motorcycle Insurance For Moped Riders – If you ride a motorcycle, chances are Gnade Insurance Group, Inc. Covers what you travel with. We cover the complete spectrum of motorcycles from:

Motorcycle insurance works like auto insurance in that it provides you with the same types of coverages.

Motorcycle Insurance For Moped Riders

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Michigan Moped Laws And Legal Requirements

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Whether I’m on a scooter, moped, or something else, I’ve found that the common denominator is having motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle & Scooter Insurances: Key Points

Even if you’re on a sub-50cc model, there’s always the risk of something happening. In my case, I was rear-ended while driving in a small town in Wisconsin. It was a hit-and-run, and I was thrown off the bike and slammed into a parked car.

Fortunately, someone witnessed the confrontation. I only remember a little, but they found my information and stayed there until more help arrived.

Scooter and moped insurance is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Although it’s not required, I highly recommend looking up quotes for your make and model. You never know what will happen.

I tried to get at least three competing quotes for my motorcycle insurance, but it’s worth asking each company for this information. Since rates vary greatly based on your driving record and where you live, I find that resuming the process every two or three years is an excellent way to save money.

Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, Moped And Motorized Scooter

Because scooter and moped insurance is highly individualized, the quotes I can get are different for everyone.

I have compiled price-based information released by all national and regional motorcycle insurance providers. These quotes are averaged with the top two providers listed clearly for your consideration.

Full coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage and is approximately 2.6 times more expensive than a minimum liability policy.

Below is a breakdown of the lowest prices by state so you get a clear picture of what’s going on in your location.

The 6 Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies Of 2023

) Rates in these states vary greatly based on exact geographic location, driver history, and insurance policies. Please request a quote to receive your specific price.

) is a “markel specialty” in areas where traditional motorcycle insurance is not offered, but you can still get a policy for a moped or scooter.

Mopeds and scooters are often considered motorcycles for insurance purposes, but not in all states.

When I researched rate-based information in Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Vermont, rates for liability and full coverage (comprehensive and collision) were similar due to local laws or consumer requirements for low-displacement engines.

Motorcycle Accident Laws In Florida

Local ordinances also vary in many of these states, so someone with a rural address could see a very different quote than someone who lives in a big city.

Some insurers classify mopeds and scooters as separate vehicles from motorcycles, while others lump them into a single two-wheeler category. If you think the quote is unreasonably high, ask if they have a specific policy for your 125cc engine or below.

Connecticut requires scooter and moped insurance to meet the minimum state liability coverage limit. That means the average cost of a liability-only policy is $150.83.

For those seeking full coverage, the average policy quote is $349.16. Dairyland ($188) and Harley-Davidson Insurance ($232) offer cheaper rates.

Exploring Scooter And Moped Insurance Cost In 2023

Maine requires scooter and moped insurance to meet liability coverage limits when operating on public roads. The average cost of a liability-only policy that meets this definition is $127.67.

Scooter and moped riders seeking full coverage can expect an average policy quote of $318.83. Progressive ($185) and Harley-Davidson Insurance ($255) offer cheaper rates.

Insurance quotes in Massachusetts for scooters and mopeds allow for different user needs, reflecting the low-speed nature of their design. Liability-only costs an average of $50.12, while a full coverage policy with enhanced benefits costs $115.64 per month.

Progressive ($32.68) and Nationwide ($56.97) offer the best rates for basic coverage. Those looking for better policies may want to check out Allstate ($76) and GEICO ($95.80).

Colorado State Moped & Scooter Laws

The average scooter insurance cost (including mopeds) in NH fits the normalized motorcycle category. GEICO offers the cheapest liability-only policy ($99), while Progressive is slightly more ($140). Both options are below the state average of $205.50.

GEICO offers an annual rate of $167 for those seeking comprehensive and collision, while Progressive’s annual rate is $264. The average annual rate in the state is $358.16.

Riders looking for a liability-only policy for scooters and mopeds can check GEICO ($150) and Progressive ($161) for competitive quotes. The state average is $271.

Progressive offers the best rate at $457 per year for full coverage benefits and enhanced coverage. Dairyland is also competitive, quoting $492 per year. The average policy price in this category is $557.

Moped Scooter Riders In Indiana Face Tighter Rules

The average moped insurance cost in New York (including scooters) is $123.83 for a liability-only policy. Markel Specialty and Progressive both offer options at just $75 per year.

Progressive offers full coverage for $183 per year for riders seeking comprehensive and collision benefits. GEICO is competitive at $223.

Pennsylvania is one of the cheapest places for moped and scooter insurance in the Northeast. Markel Specialty offers a policy for $59 a year, while Progressive offers it for $75 a year. The average annual premium in the state is $99.87.

Progressive ($181) and Dairyland ($233) offer the best prices when full coverage is desired. The average annual policy price in this category is $283.66.

The Best And Cheapest California Motorcycle Insurance

Dairyland ($192) and Harley-Davidson ($244) offer the cheapest moped and scooter insurance quotes in RI. The average policy cost is $287.80.

Dairyland ($211) and Harley-Davidson ($257) offer excellent deals for comprehensive coverage, beating the liability-only state average while adding comprehensive and collision. The state average for having full coverage is $564.60.

The average 125cc scooter insurance cost in Vermont is $189.55. Markel ($125) and Harley-Davidson ($129) offer the most affordable quotes.

Harley-Davidson ($219) and Dairyland ($221) offer cheaper options for full coverage. The annual average in this category is $355.40.

Are There Different Types Of Motorcycle Licenses In Florida?

Markel Specialty ($60) and GEICO ($70) offer the lowest liability insurance quotes, while Progressive ($174) and Harley-Davidson ($225) are the best with comprehensive and collision.

Markel Specialty ($68) and GEICO ($75) offer the best quotes for liability insurance. Overall and collision, Dairyland ($189) and Harley-Davidson ($222) took the top spot.

Markel Specialty is the cheapest liability insurance quote for scooters and mopeds at $75 per year. Harley-Davidson is second at $157.

Harley-Davidson is the best for full coverage ($240), and Markel is second at $296. Expect to pay about $189.95 for liability or $477.88 with comprehensive and collision.

Motorcycle Insurance: Live To Ride Safely

For those seeking quotes, Markel starts at $58 a year, while Progressive tops out at $70. Adding comprehensive and collision makes the Progressive ($200) and Markel ($288) the most affordable options.

Markel ($57) and Progressive ($75) have the best annual liability insurance quotes for scooters and mopeds. Riders can expect to pay an average of $101.17.

Adding comprehensive and collision makes Allstate the cheapest provider at $277 per year. Dairyland was second at $301, while the state average was $552.27.

In KY, GEICO ($106) and Harley-Davidson ($108) had the best rates, but the average value was $144.55.

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance?

For full coverage, Dairyland ($255) is the best. Progressive offered a quote of $380, but the average amount owed was $459.23 per year.

Farm Bureau offers the best liability-only rate of $69 per year. GEICO offered a rate of $99, but the average was $160.

Comprehensive and collated, all providers offered a quote of over $500. GEICO is the best ($536), followed by Farm Bureau ($545), which is right around the state average.

USAA offers qualified members the best rate of $120 per year. Progressive provided a quote of $128.

Do You Need A License And Insurance To Ride A Scooter In New York City?

With full coverage, Dairyland is the best ($175), and Progressive is at $198. Riders can expect a state average of $311.88.

Moped and scooter riders in this state can get liability-only insurance for $75 from Progressive or $99 from GEICO. The average policy price in this category is $111.00.

Dairyland ($275) and Progressive ($292) offer the best prices for complete coverage.

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