Liability Insurance For Yoga Instructors

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Yoga teachers are usually already very caring people but today’s practitioners have to be more careful than ever with how they provide safe instruction for everyone involved. But searching for yoga instructor insurance online can yield a ton of different results. Short of going back and forth all day comparing yoga insurance plans, how do you know if one program is the best fit for your yoga practice?

Liability Insurance For Yoga Instructors

We’ve boiled down all the ways to choose a solid yoga instructor insurance plan into our top 3 things to look for when buying yoga instructor insurance.

Yoga Liability Insurance For Hi Yoga Studios, Yoga Teachers, And Instructors Who Need An Affordable And Reliable Insurance Policy

There are certainly many options out there when it comes to insurance for your business. It can be tempting to skip the plan version and just get the first service option you see at a good enough price. But good enough may not be tough enough to give you the adequate protection you need. Different insurance plans are designed with different drivers such as lower premium rates or less coverage of procedures to reduce the advertised premium rate.

We’ll look at the top three areas to consider when comparing yoga insurance programs to ensure you get the right coverage for your unique yoga journey.

Coming in third but beating most other considerations should be checking out the program’s membership benefits page. With the yoga insurance plan, members get access to over $1,000 in member benefits from day one including a new website.

A free website that looks professional is a big deal. This site is not a hokey listing on a directory service, it’s actually a very slick looking modern site (see example here), designed specifically to complement yoga professional service offerings and help promote yourself online.

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It also includes discounts and deals from our partners on a wide range of yoga products, yoga resources, daily expenses, and even recommended rates on health insurance. Beyond the general and professional insurance coverage that you (should) see with most reputable yoga insurance providers, it should be easy to see the added value in their offerings.

When searching for yoga insurance online, you may only find a quick mention of general and professional liability coverage and be asked to provide a whole list of details just to get a rate. Well, he believes yoga insurance should be accessible, meaning you should quickly say what you get and how much it will cost. It may seem obvious if it’s a little boring, but you have to dig a little deeper into the policy to find out what types of activities are covered and what aren’t.

It is important to note the type of coverage and the coverage limits of each but also how many different methods are covered. Some plans offer low premiums to cover only a limited number of massage techniques, while covering approximately 500 different massage and wellness practices. Other areas to consider when analyzing insurance plans include:

As we discussed, you’ll want to make sure the plan has generous coverage limits for both general and professional liability. Margins need to be sufficient to provide a good buffer to cover the costs of an unexpected event. But, boundaries also need to be set wisely. Too low and you risk overcompensating and too high and members are paying more than they need to. At , our general and professional liability limits are set after years in the industry at $2 million per occurrence, up to an individual annual aggregate of $3 million.

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Pay attention to the “total” part. For an individual annual total, the payment limit is entirely yours. If you see “shared annual total” this means that your insurance is combined with other policy holders. If a claim year happens to see multiple policyholders making a claim and using up that shared limit before they do, you may find yourself not having enough protection for your own claim.

Product liability coverage is protection for yoga teachers against a claim for injury or damage resulting from a product used during a session that fails, breaks down or contributes to a loss event. When a student under your tutelage is using the yoga unit you loaned them and the restraint breaks during a pose, they may be liable if they are injured. Without this important form of coverage, you may be left paying for product liability claims out of your own pocket.

Many yoga instructors rent space to offer sessions. Whether that’s at another studio or even renting a recording space for live or pre-recorded sessions, the rental situation comes with its own set of potential risks. Within the tenancy agreement you sign with the landlord, there is usually specific language about your responsibility to cover any damage that occurs to the space while you occupy it but even then no landlord can still hold you accountable. Rental damage insurance provides assistance to cover the cost of repairs when an accident causes damage.

With , you get up to $100,000 to cover the costs of such claims. Be careful with rental damage coverage when comparing plans, though. Some other plans out there include rental damage coverage but then drastically limit what type of damage it covers.

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A free website is great but with more reliance on digital methods to do business and even personal things, the risk of your identity being compromised at times is high. That’s why we thought it wise to include identity restoration service coverage in our yoga insurance plan. Remember, we covered that yoga insurance should provide adequate coverage for modern risks without going overboard.

Without insurance for something like identity theft that can hinder your ability to make a living teaching yoga, professional teachers today are left exposed. includes up to $25,000 in identity recovery services to help put the pieces together after a personal data breach.

Although yoga does not rely on a lot of equipment, there are things like props, mats, belts and blocks that are all very important. When you lose your yoga equipment due to power theft, the consequences can be emotional and financial. With , you have one less thing to worry about with a $1,000 theft-delivering kit and $250 rebate.

Two important details of coverage improvement include portability and event form coverage. With portability, you can move jobs, move employers, and even move states and your insurance plan follows you every step of the way. Some plans will charge you an additional transfer or transfer fee and others may not offer the service at all.

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The event form says you can still file a claim even after your policy has expired. As long as the claim event occurred before the end of the period, you can still go back and file a claim. Despite event form coverage being the preferred type of coverage, many plans out there use structured coverage.

Claims covered by the policy simply state that the policy must be in use and in existence for the claim to be considered. If you don’t file an incident claim after your policy expires, you usually have no recourse and simply miss out on coverage. Both of these conditions can mean the difference between having full coverage and no coverage at all. Even if a plan checks all the boxes in every other category, details like portability and exposure are critical to how effective the ad will be in real-world situations.

The first number on the chart considers every professional and con artist you can think of for comparing one yoga insurance plan against another. The cost-benefit ratio is how much it costs to get a certain level of coverage. For example, at $179 a year for full-time yoga insurance, for every dollar you invest in yoga insurance, you get $11,173 in total each year for general and professional coverage (calculation: $3 million annual total divided by $179 per annuity equals $11,173).

Take this quick breakdown with you when comparing other yoga insurance plans out there but let it be a starting point. Once you see a good cost-benefit ratio, consider the full depth and breadth of coverage, as well as policy benefits to choose a yoga insurance plan that provides the best value for your unique situation.

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Cost versus benefit is very important when you consider what this funding does. It saves you from having to pay out of pocket whenever an unfortunate incident occurs. $6,229. That’s the average paid out to our members for claims filed against them because of incidents like a simple trip, fall or hand injury.

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