Liability Insurance For Event Planners

Liability Insurance For Event Planners – As an event planner, you know how to make sure everyone has a good time. You are organized, detail-oriented and meticulous. But what if something goes terribly wrong? After all, people hire you to plan important events for them – in the case of weddings, sometimes the most important event of their lives. That’s why it’s a good idea to have event planner insurance if something goes wrong.

We looked at things like price, customer service, digital experience and claims service to come up with our top picks for event planner insurance.

Liability Insurance For Event Planners

CoverWallet is a national digital broker specializing in small business insurance. They offer a quick and easy quote flow that helps you get and compare quotes from several leading small business insurance companies. If you need help during the process you can call them and their customer service representative is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Professional Liability Insurance For Federal Contractors

We received 6 offers from CoverWallet, 2 of which are listed here, after filling out the offer form, which takes about 5 minutes.

Online offers are for general liability policies only. We called them to get another quote on a professional indemnity policy. The agent is very helpful and knowledgeable. He didn’t push us to sell policies, rather he tried to explain the different policies and help us understand which policies we might need.

Hiscox specializes in small business insurance. They have a pretty easy online quote system and you can buy insurance online in minutes. Or, if you don’t like the digital experience, you can call and speak to an agent.

Next gave us a $17/month quote within minutes. Their online pricing system is very fast and they insure a wide range of professions, all at reasonable prices.

Event Insurance: What Is It & Do You Need It For Your Events?

If you only plan parties or weddings occasionally, as a hobby or part-time job, you probably don’t want to pay a monthly premium when you might not even be working that month.

Consider Thimble. A thimble can insure you for as little as an hour or as long as you want.

Remember that the Thimble insures the event planner, not the event itself. For more information on one-day event insurance, see our Top 4 One-Day Insurance Providers article

RVNA offers flexible policies and insurance types to meet your needs. In addition, they have extensive experience in event planning. They serve all 50 states and only work with A+ rated carriers.

Why Do My Vendors Need Liability Insurance?

There is no event planner insurance per se. As an event planner, you are essentially a small business and should be looking for small business insurance.

Just one lawsuit can probably bankrupt your business, so anyone who makes a living planning events for other people should protect themselves. So many things can go wrong and emotions run high when it comes to events like weddings and babies.

Based on the 5 providers we cover below, costs can range from $20 per day for both general liability and professional liability coverage to $30 per month or up to $500 per year for general liability coverage only. Shopping around for the best deals and reading policies carefully to fully understand what is and isn’t covered is critical for event planners to have the proper coverage.

When shopping for insurance, you should consider how much coverage you need, deductibles, and how much you can afford to pay. The more scenarios you insure, the higher the cost.

Free Event Planner Contract Template Sample

You need to figure out how much insurance you need vs. how much insurance can you afford Generally, if you can only afford one type of insurance, you should get a general liability policy.

If you work as an event planner, you are organized and pay close attention to detail. Don’t overlook protecting your business in your zeal to plan the perfect event. Event planner insurance is cheap when you consider how much it protects you and your business from financial loss.

Thang Truong covers small business insurance and small business success at . He is a licensed P&C insurance agent. He previously held product leadership positions at, Capital One, NerdWallet and Mulberry Technology. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business. Wedding insurance is the best way to protect yourself against financial loss in the event of wedding mishaps – including property damage from rowdy guests, cancellations due to bad weather, or vendor issues.

Liability insurance is now most commonly required by wedding venues. It protects their property from any damage that may occur during your wedding. It can also protect you if a guest gets hurt on the dance floor due to a spilled drink or broken glass.

Event Planning Insurance

Cancellation insurance has hit its prime during 2020 – of course. Usually covers an unexpected illness (hello COVID!) for newlyweds (only!). An out-of-control forest fire in the town where you are holding a wedding? Cancellation insurance should cover you. Military leave and other important issues should also be covered. This cover should also protect you against businesses that go out of business before your wedding and cannot meet their obligations.

I often say “should” because every insurance is different in what it does and doesn’t cover. Do your research on which company to go with and make sure your concerns are covered.

The cost of insurance will vary based on many factors – location, date, number of guests, alcohol, etc. Are you hosting a fireworks display? Costs will rise. Having an extravagant wedding over $100,000? You’ll want to be fully covered, so your price will be higher than a $40,000 wedding.

For a fall 2022 wedding in Houston, Texas with 150 guests and alcohol served, you can expect to spend about $150-$300 for liability and cancellation insurance. Not a bad price to cover!

Meet Kasha Miller

Looking for full service planning or wedding day coordination for your upcoming Houston, TX or destination wedding? Contact me today to save your date! 💌⁠⁠More and more venues are requiring event hosts (like your clients) to have special event liability insurance, but finding an affordable solution isn’t always easy. Often, event planners are asked to help their clients fill this gap and don’t know where to turn.

By offering Markel event liability insurance to their clients, event professionals not only help protect their clients from loss of liability, but can also help protect their business.

Event planners and their clients focus on planning and executing a flawless event, Markel focuses on giving everyone the peace of mind and protection they need should the unexpected occur.

Markel sees numerous liability claims every year for things like damage to reception hall furnishings like sofas, mirrors, coffee tables – even toilets and landscaping. Markel also sees complaints of guest injuries when someone slips, falls and injures himself at the event venue. Not all liability claims are related to over-indulgence – Markel also sees claims such as spills on photographic equipment or even damage to floors.

Types Of Business Insurance

Markel Event Insurance prides itself on exceptional customer service, and as professionals, we know you do too. Markel Event Insurance referrals will give your client (and you) peace of mind so they can enjoy their event without worry. Policies start at just $75 and can be purchased online or over the phone in minutes.

Markel also offers event cancellation insurance to help protect your clients from further wedding nightmares should they need to cancel or postpone their wedding due to extreme weather, an accident or illness of someone in the wedding party, vendor bankruptcy, vendor no-shows. and lost or stolen gifts. Event cancellation coverage starts at $130. Clients who purchase both Occurrence Liability and Occurrence Coverage can save 15%.

More information, including how to request FREE brochures to keep on hand for your clients, can be found online or by calling (855) 422-5944. Has anyone asked you to provide proof of insurance? No problem. Email or print insurance receipts instantly 24/7 with .

You may be asked to provide proof of insurance. A Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is a document detailing the type of insurance coverage, dates and coverage limits. You may also be asked to complete the Additional Insurance and Additional Insurance forms.

Legal And Liability Issues To Address In Event Planning

If you haven’t purchased liability insurance yet, you can add an additional insured using the online quote system , which will quote and purchase the policy for you instantly, 24/7, up until the night before your event.

Already have a policy? Just log in and instantly add another policyholder for free. Proof of insurance by e-mail or print the Certificate of Liability.

An additional insured is a natural or legal person, other than the named insured, who is also provided with insurance under the insurance contract. A person or entity may request that specific wording be added to the Certificate of Insurance.

This is the specific wording that is often required by the Certificate Holder. This is optional and should only be filled in if necessary.

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