International Travel Insurance For Seniors

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Travel medical insurance can be a cost-effective way to cover medical expenses abroad. Learn more about providers, costs, extras and more.

International Travel Insurance For Seniors

Protecting your travel plans from unforeseen medical events is important. Whether you’re worried about a virus outbreak in a country you’re visiting or a medical emergency, travel medical insurance can give you peace of mind on your next trip.

Trawick International Travel Insurance Review

The Guides Home Team analyzed dozens of travel insurance companies and compiled a list of providers that offer travel medical insurance. We’ve considered factors such as cost, coverage limits, plan add-ons and convenience to help you choose the best option for your trip.

Below is our list of the best travel insurance companies that offer medical cover, along with a brief description of why we chose each one.

We’ve asked for online quotes for each company to help you get an idea of ​​the different costs and plan options. The chart below shows data for a 36-year-old frequent traveler who wants to purchase $500,000 in medical insurance for a $5,000 8-day trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Note: Prices vary based on age, trip length, destination and plan selected. In addition, the AIG Travel Guard and Allianz Global Assistance plans offer a maximum of $50,000

Malaysia Travel Insurance

Seven Corners offers robust travel medical insurance plans for quick trips or extended trips abroad. The company has three plans that cover a range of medical services such as emergency visits, dental care and urgent eye exams. Its plans are budget-friendly, plus you can extend the benefits up to 364 days.

Pros Provides a limit of up to $50,000 to cover pre-existing medical conditions Offers additional coverage for adventure activities Offers coverage for dental and eye care costs

Cons Only includes COVID-19 coverage in its comprehensive plan (Travel Medical Plus plan) Offers one add-on option for all plans

Seven Corners offers one additional option: the range of adventure activities. This insurance can help protect you if you are injured as a result of certain sports or activities while traveling.

Annual Travel Insurance Plans For Frequent Travelers

According to our research, a 36-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a medical insurance cap of up to $500,000 to Mexico should pay between $13.84 and $18.96.

Seven Corners also lets you choose a deductible rate, with options ranging from $0 to $5,000. The lower the excess, the more you pay for the plan.

AIG Travel Guard is another insurer that covers both holiday and business travelers. It offers a single travel medical insurance policy, MedEvac Per Trip Plan. While this plan includes robust medical evacuation and repatriation coverage of $5 million, as well as a $500 dental limit, it only covers up to $50,000 in medical benefits for the duration of the policy.

The company does not charge a deductible when you apply. It also offers a COVID-19 accommodation allowance to help cover expenses if you contract the virus while traveling.

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Pros Offers Accommodation package add-on Provides a $5 million evacuation and repatriation limit Includes a $100,000 safety evacuation limit

As we mentioned, AIG offers one additional option that can help cover the extra accommodation costs due to an unexpected illness: the Accommodation Expenses Package.

We asked for a quote for a 36-year-old traveler going on a week-long trip to Mexico for $5,000. Based on our research, you can expect to pay $18.37 for AIG single trip plans.

Trawick International offers comprehensive travel medical insurance at affordable prices. Its basic plans include up to $5 million for emergency medical expenses, $25,000 for political evacuation, and a $2,500 limit for pre-existing medical conditions.

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Plans start at $10 for a week’s travel, which is one of the more affordable options among the international medical insurance policies we’ve researched.

Pros Plans include a $2,500 waiver of pre-existing terms Offers up to four additional coverage options Plan costs from as low as $10

Trawick has the greatest variety of add-on options compared to the other providers we included in our review. Additional insurance options include:

We have estimated that a 36-year-old traveler who chooses the $500,000 limit for a $5,000 week trip to Mexico should expect to pay between $10 and $23 for Trawick International coverage. The company offers deductible options ranging from $0 to $5,000 per claim.

What Does International Health Insurance Cover?

HTH Worldwide works with GeoBlue, a Blue Cross company, to provide a variety of travel medical insurance policies. It offers single and multiple trip plans on the GeoBlue website, plus perks such as free appointment booking, electronic claims resolution, and a network of hospitals in over 180 countries worldwide.

Benefits Offers extensive medical coverage Supports an extensive network of physicians and medical facilities worldwide Limits deductibles to $500 per claim

HTH Worldwide does not offer add-ons due to the focused medical care it provides in partnership with GeoBlue.

Our research shows that a 36-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a $500,000 medical insurance limit to Mexico should pay between $15.44 and $19.76. HTH provides deductible options of $0, $100, $250, and $500 when combined with a GeoBlue plan.

Trawick International Travel Insurance

TravelSafe Insurance is another reputable provider offering travel medical plans and travel insurance. Its plans are affordable and perfect for travelers who need solid protection for their current medical expenses. It offers two plans that cover standard emergency, unexpected illness, and non-medical emergency evacuation. Its plans start at $10 and go up based on factors like age and cost of travel.

Advantages Value-for-money plan offers Cover up to $7,500 for travel delay Includes 14-day “free review” after plan purchase

We’ve pulled out an offer for a 36-year-old traveler who’s going on a week-long $5,000 trip to Mexico. TravelSafe plans with a $500,000 medical limit range from $11.48 to $12.78. Policy cost may vary based on age, travel cost, coverage, and deductible options.

Allianz Global Assistance offers a single trip medical plan that includes a $50,000 medical emergency limit, a $250,000 evacuation limit, and a $10,000 accident insurance limit. In addition to standard medical care, Allianz includes a concierge hotline and a 24/7 travel assistance desk that can help you find medical assistance services and more.

Volunteer Travel Insurance

We asked for a quote for a 36-year-old traveler going on a week-long trip to Mexico for $5,000. According to our records, Allianz Global single trip plans will cost you $46.

Among the companies on our list, IMG Global offers the largest suite of travel medicine products, including travel medical insurance, international health insurance and travel insurance. Its range of policies also includes more unique insurance options, such as health plans for traveling students and extreme sports plans for those participating in high-risk activities while traveling.

IMG Global’s plans also cover a wide variety of medical expenses such as reconstructive surgery and chiropractic, to name a few.

Pros Offers extra protection for electronic devices and returns for pets Offers 5+ travel medical plans Includes unique medical bills like physiotherapy

Finding Senior Travel Insurance At 60, 65, 70, 80 Or Older

Our research shows that a 36-year-old traveler choosing a $500,000 medical policy for a $5,000 week-long trip to Mexico can expect to pay IMG between $9.86 and $15.40. Its deductibles range from $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 and $2,500.

There is a difference between travel insurance and travel medical insurance. Standard and comprehensive travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation and interruption costs, while travel medical plans offer little or no travel.

While travel medical plans focus on emergency medical expenses while traveling, typical travel insurance plans include:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way most people travel around the world, and insurance companies now typically include COVID-19 protection in their plans. Most reputable travel medical insurance companies list COVID-19 as a covered reason for medical insurance. We recommend that you read a sample supplier policy to ensure your COVID-19 coverage is eligible for a refund.

Senior Citizens Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance costs are affected by several factors, the two biggest being age and cost of travel. Other cost factors include:

Travel medical insurance covers costly medical expenses that occur outside your home country. Most health insurance, Medicare, or Affordable Care Act plans do not cover medical expenses outside the United States. If you’re going on an extended or international trip, having travel medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered should you get injured or fall ill while traveling.

Every provider on this list offers solid travel medical insurance. The Guides Home Team recommends Seven Corners because it provides comprehensive medical and travel insurance. AIG is another reputable provider offering a COVID-19 accommodation allowance. Finally, Trawick International offers budget-friendly plans.

Before purchasing travel medical insurance, we recommend getting quotes from at least three providers to compare costs and coverage limits. Also read their sample policies for coverage exclusions and contact insurance agents with any questions.

Travel Insurance Coverage Policy Broker

The insurance limit is the amount your travel medical insurance plan will cover if you need to evacuate from your destination due to political unrest, threats to your well-being, war

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