Health Insurance For International Employees

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Graphic Packaging International, LLC (GPI) is a leader in packaging design and innovation, serving hundreds of the world’s best-known brands. As a leader in our industry, Graphic Packaging understands that the foundation of our success is our greatest asset – our employees. We offer compensation and benefits programs that are among the best in the industry to reward the talented people who make our company successful.

Health Insurance For International Employees

You are eligible to receive benefits on or after the first day of the month.

Mental Health: What Health Insurance Can Do For The Emotional Wellness Of Employees On International Assignments

GPI pays the full cost of certain “core” benefits, while you share the cost of optional benefits.

Our benefit options cover the valuable basics to give you the coverage you need, with plenty of options to create the benefits package that’s right for you and your family. Call us today for more information or fill out the online form and request a call back. You’ll be glad you did!

Over the past 10 years, Graphic Packaging International has graduated more than 50 associates from its highly selective Leadership Development Program (LDP). Throughout the program’s history, we’ve seen LDP partners grow into management and leadership roles throughout the company.

Many of our current leaders, including our CEO Michael Doss, have successfully started working with the graphical package LDP. This is a highly visible 12-month program focused on engineering, finance or sales. Curriculum and assessments, as well as hands-on experience in these critical areas, provide accelerated industry experience.

Long Term International Health Insurance

You will develop relationships with executive management and a leadership mentor. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be an LDP graduate and hold a leadership role within the company.

Have you been looking for a career with great pay and benefits? Request a callback from Graphic Packaging International today by filling out our online form or by calling us for more information at (217) 774-2176 , ext. 245

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© 2023 The content of this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content (including images) without our consent. Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or moving across a continent on the other side of the world, you need to prepare how you’ll be taken care of if you need medical attention. Our infographic points out some of the important differences between travel and expat insurance and things to consider before leaving or traveling abroad.

Self Employed Health Insurance Deductions

Travel insurance is for holidaymakers to cover trip cancellations, personal effects and medical emergencies, while international health insurance is for inpatient check-ups and ongoing treatment for chronic conditions abroad.

Expatriate health insurance is intended for expatriates who live and/or work abroad for a long time. International health insurance will usually allow you to choose where you are treated, while travel insurance will usually return you home and continue your treatment when you are fit enough to travel back.

Taking steps to maintain overall health and well-being can boost our complex immune systems and help us stay well all winter long.

Although the virus was not officially identified until 1984, more than 35 million people have died from HIV or AIDS1, making it one of the most devastating pandemics of all time. You are here: Home 1 / Expat Financial Blog 2 / Group Plans 3 / Top Seven Global Insurance Questions Before Sending Expats…

Top Seven Insurance Considerations For Sending Expat Employees Overseas

A growing number of multinational companies are opening offices around the world, including in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and South America. While working and living abroad can be a great opportunity for expatriate workers, expatriate employers have a fiduciary duty to properly protect their expatriate workers and successfully complete the expatriate assignment, which includes purchasing global medical care. In this article, we will discuss the seven most important aspects of global insurance that you should consider before sending employees to work abroad.

In many countries with limited or no local health insurance or health infrastructure, an expatriate employer should enroll their expatriates in an international expatriate group insurance plan. A local plan is for local coverage and does not provide the portability that most expat workers require. The right international health benefits plan will provide medical coverage every time an expatriate worker is transferred from one country to another without changing plans, applying for a new insurance benefit or having to observe a new waiting period.

Additionally, in some countries where local health benefits may be available, most expatriate workers will prefer to use the major stable currency rather than the local currency when dealing with insurance benefits. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a global international expat group insurance plan before moving to a new country or destination. Local plans are great for locals, but generally not for expats.

Many companies are looking for new markets and resources in areas with unstable local governments or conflicts, which are often considered high-risk countries. The potential damage and costs caused by hostilities, terrorism and kidnappings are traumatic and can be very high for employers.

International Health & Travel Medical Insurance

If your company or organization operates in high-risk areas, it is essential to obtain comprehensive war and terrorism risk insurance, expatriate worker kidnapping and ransom insurance.

An emergency medical evacuation insurance plan is also very important for all expats working abroad, especially if they live in a region with limited medical facilities or health clinics that are not up to Western standards. However, even living in a highly developed country may require medical evacuation. For example, if you live in a remote region of the country and you need an ambulance.

When your employees are deployed overseas and experience a medical emergency that cannot be handled in the host country, it is critical that your organization has a comprehensive evacuation insurance plan in place. Most expat group health insurance plans will include emergency evacuation and repatriation as an option or included as a standard benefit. Please note that medical evacuation must be approved and coordinated by the health insurance company. Most group plans will include evacuation as an optional benefit.

A pre-existing condition refers to a medical condition that existed before the insurance company assumed the insured’s risk, sometimes known or even unknown to the employee. If an expat subsequently develops an illness, it may be recognized as a pre-existing condition when trying to get health insurance. For example, an employee may have high blood pressure, diabetes or a skin disorder.

Group Health Insurance And Benefits

Most expat employers may not be aware that the costs of treating expatriate workers for chronic illnesses abroad can be very high. Medical treatment is usually required to meet ongoing health needs. Individual expat health and life insurance plans must be medically approved, and employees covered by separate individual plans may have limited coverage, exclusions, or even exclusions when using pre-existing health insurance. On the other hand, a group international benefit plan can usually provide full coverage for pre-existing health conditions as the risk is shared between healthy and unhealthy employees and their dependents. We will often recommend that our group clients purchase a plan that fully covers pre-existing conditions.

A customized international group insurance plan provides a simple administration platform for your HR department. It can provide direct online communication between employees, the insurance company and HR administrators. This is especially convenient for highly mobile expat workers. Expatriate workers must move from one country to another without having to worry about switching from one local health insurance plan to another. Subsequently, it is very important for HR managers to consider a plan with excellent plan administration when choosing a universal medical plan.

It never makes sense to independently obtain global medical coverage for your employees, as your HR manager will not have the necessary experience, training, knowledge or global insurance contacts that your expanding expat population needs. Expat Financial, TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. division, can purchase international group insurance plans from various large and reputable insurance companies for multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, governments and international schools. We work on your behalf to get the best possible rates and support you once the plan is in place, both at renewal and throughout the life of the policy.

In addition to medical and evacuation services, we can get coverage for disability, AD&D, life insurance, EAP and dental. Our company is very used to working with companies and aid groups operating in high-risk countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen. The plans we can get can fully cover the risk of war and terrorism.

Employee Health Insurance Vietnam

For companies with less than three expats or single expats, we can also get personal international health insurance cover as

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