Disability Insurance For Musicians

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If you’re not employed in a dangerous line of work, you may not think long-term disability insurance coverage is something you’ll ever need. However, most long-term disability claims are not job-related. For example, Aet benefits “if you get injured or sick and can’t work.”

Disability Insurance For Musicians

If your long-term disability claim is approved, Aetna benefits cover a portion of your lost wages that it pays on a monthly basis. The amount offered depends on your normal earnings and may be reduced by any other source of disability earnings, such as workers’ compensation.

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In general, Aetna benefits for people covered by long-term disability coverage also vary based on the claimant’s specific circumstances. For example, older claimants are more restricted in how long they can claim benefits.

Long-term disability plans offered by Aetna cover benefits up to approximately 67% of your earnings or $10,000 monthly. Both these amounts are offered only through extended plans. Some plans have standard benefits as high as 60% of maximum earnings or $8,000.

The Aetna Work Solutions Program also offers the services of a team that can work directly with your employer and health providers to help you get ready to return to work. The team is there to help policyholders understand and follow their doctor’s orders to ensure the claimant can return to work as soon as possible. Aetna benefits also include training for a new job if the policyholder is no longer able to return to their original position.

The cost of Aetna coverage varies depending on what coverage you want and how much you are paid in salary or wages.

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According to Insure.com, most long-term disability plans cost more than $2,000 per year. Generally, the cost falls between 1 and 3% of your gross salary. However, factors such as the policyholder’s age, health, gender, smoking status and where they work can also affect how much is paid out.

Policies that cover less are also likely to be less expensive. This means that choosing a policy with a more specific definition of disability may save you money, but it may also mean that your situation is not covered if you need to make a claim one day.

Aetna benefits are paid for up to five years or until the claimant reaches retirement age, depending on the situation. The amount of time that benefits are offered also depends on whether or not the claimant’s disability was hospitalized.

For example, Aetna offers a 90-day extension of benefits if a claimant is confined to the hospital for a short period of time. The coverage itself, in theory, lasts as long as you pay for it. This means that a policyholder may need to file more than one claim for disability benefits.

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Just because Aetna benefits are offered by your employer does not mean that obtaining long-term disability benefits will be easy or simple. In the most basic terms, disability coverage should kick in whenever the policyholder becomes unable to work; However, the reasons for inability to work are important to whether or not your claim will be approved.

The first step in determining whether you qualify for coverage is to consult your policy’s definition of disability. Aetna provides definitions for two types of disability: long-term and short-term disability. Long-term disability is defined as an “illness or injury” that renders a person “unable to work for a long period of time”. This inability to work does not include all types of work but may only include the type of work performed in your current position.

According to Disability Secrets, the main hurdle you need to clear to prove your eligibility for long-term disability benefits is your treating doctor’s decision. As part of your application for coverage, your doctor will need to fill out a form or provide a statement on your condition. You will also need to provide medical records to prove that your injury or illness can be objectively proven.

To qualify for coverage, claimants must be full-time workers, cannot be treated for a pre-existing condition within a few months of filing, and must wait until an “elimination period” before coverage begins. There is also an exclusion for disability caused by alcohol or drug use, including use resulting in a car accident.

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If your Aetna disability claim is denied, the company says you can ask for a review of your claim. The appeal process can be initiated in one of two ways: by phone or mail.

The deadline for appealing a denial is generally 180 days from the claimant’s receipt of the denial notice; However, some plans have different timelines, says Aetna, which is available in a summary plan description.

How long it takes for Aetna to respond to an appeal depends on state law, if the appeal is urgent, and if the disability insurance plan offers more than one level of appeal.

Claimants are also entitled to an external review of their denied disability claim once the appeals process is over, Aetna’s website notes. Under Aetna’s external review program, denials may be reviewed by an independent physician. The insurance company says the external review process takes about 30 days. To initiate a review, the claimant must complete the external review form included with their appeal denial letter.

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Before starting the appeals process with Aetna, claimants should consider contacting an experienced disability attorney, experts say. Complex claims are easy for insurance companies to deny, as are incomplete applications. Additionally, a lawyer can help ensure that Aetna is following proper procedures.

If you have filed a claim for long-term disability insurance benefits and your claim has been denied or terminated, a top class action attorney can help you file an appeal against the insurance company, increasing your chances of a successful appeal. will help.

You may also be eligible for help if you are just starting the application process or if you have lodged your appeal and have not received a rejection letter.

If you qualify, an attorney will contact you to discuss the details of your potential case.

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If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a sudden illness, injury or accident, long-term-disability insurance can save the day. Hide caption Rich LaSalle/Getty Images

If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a sudden illness, injury or accident, long-term-disability insurance can save the day.

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“It won’t happen to me.” Perhaps that sentiment explains many employees’ attitudes toward long-term-disability insurance, which pays a portion of your income if you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a sudden illness, injury or accident.

Sixty-five percent of respondents surveyed this year by LIMRA, an association of financial services and insurance companies, say most people need disability insurance. But that figure shrank to 48 percent when people were asked if they believed they personally needed it. When people were asked if they actually had disability insurance, the proportion dropped to 20 percent.

Long-term-disability insurance typically has a waiting period of three to six months before benefits begin. That period will be covered by short-term-disability insurance if you have it.

With annual benefits enrollment season underway at many companies, disability coverage may be an option worth your attention.

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Some employers may ask you to pay a larger portion or even the entire cost. If you use a policy, it may have a hidden benefit later.

Or you may find that your employer has automatically enrolled you – or plans to – until you opt out. A growing number of employers are going that route

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