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Florida homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that will cover the cost of repairing your home or replacing your personal belongings after an unforeseen event, such as a fire or water, destroys them. This type of protection is especially important in a state like Florida where natural disasters are likely to occur.

Best Home Insurance Companies In [your Location]

To help you find the right amount of affordable home insurance, this old home inspection team has developed this guide. Continue reading our review to learn how to get the best insurance for Florida homeowners.

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Optional 4.8 / 5 offers less competitive premiums than the national average, unlimited personal wealth and loss of insurance available nationwide.

Best Discounts 4.8 / 5 Over 100 Years of Experience Discounts for Online Policy Purchases and Weekend Automated Customer Service

State Farm is a trusted service provider in the industry with an 18% market share. State Farm, the largest home insurance provider in the nation, also has a large network of agents throughout Florida. The company has a J.D. The highest power in this review and is backed by a high financial strength rating.

Whether you are looking for a company that offers package options for both your home and car insurance policies, or just want to choose a reliable and stable brand with nearly 100 years of experience in customer service, State Farm can be the place to be. Great to get started.

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While it offers lower discounts than competitors such as Allstate and Liberty Mutual, State Farm offers flexible coverage options and add-ons.

State Farm has five discounts to help clients save money on their premiums, but their availability may vary depending on your assets and personal information:

Liberty Mutual has over 100 years of experience providing insurance products and services such as landlords and car insurance.

Similar to State Farm and Allstate, Liberty Mutual offers six standard areas of coverage – housing, other structures, liability, payment of medical bills to others, loss of use and personal property.

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It stands out for offering many savings opportunities with some discounts that reward you for roof replacement or renovation of your home. While Liberty Mutual has a lower customer satisfaction score than J.D. Power over some competitors in this review, it has an A-level rating from BBB and AM Best.

Liberty Mutual offers a range of policy approvals, including additional hurricane coverage, total replacement costs, water reserves, drainage, pumping, good jewelry coverage, and inflation protection.

Allstate is our top choice for home insurance in Florida due to its reputation, wide range of insurance options and customer experience. It is the only provider in this review that provides 24/7 customer service. While State Farm and Liberty Mutual have a full-time Claims Center, Allstate has a 24/7 department for selling invoices, claims and policy questions.

Customers also have access to mobile applications and customer portals. It also provides unique online resources such as general claim and cost tools that show the leading causes of claim in your area.

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While Allstate may be more expensive than its competitors based on our secret shopping process, it offers some of the most comprehensive coverage and discounts from any of the providers in this review and offers Incomparable customer service.

Allstate offers long-term approvals, including coverage of scheduled personal assets, manufactured and mobile homes, restoration of green improvements, home sharing coverage, protection, water reserves and coverage. In the yard and garden.

It also provides protection for electronic data recovery, business assets, musical instruments, recovery, identity theft, sports equipment and personal umbrella insurance.

Allstate also lists categories for “additional benefits” on its website, which include small discounts, such as categories for new roofs or for non-smoking.

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Travelers are one of our top choices for Florida homeowners due to their reputation and impressive experience. The company was founded in 1864 and received an A ++ (Superior) financial rating from AM Best.

It is also notable for offering approval for reward policies, such as Green House policy riders who will pay to replace or rebuild your home with environmentally friendly options after an accident. Insurance. Travelers also offer deductible benefit deductions that give you a deductible credit of $ 100 per year, regardless of whether you file a claim.

In addition, travelers have highly customizable insurance features with a wide range of deductions and insurance levels. If you are looking for an experienced insurance company with flexible insurance, travelers are worth considering.

Travelers offer a number of additional insurance, including surcharge insurance, all risk insurance for personal property, loss insurance for homeowners with HOA, personal injury insurance and refrigerated property insurance.

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It also provides optional approval, such as water back-up and pump cover, green house replacement coverage, roof and side cover, equipment analysis coverage, and identity theft protection.

Travelers offer discounts to new homebuyers, homebuyers and car owners, homeowners with a non-claim history, and applicants with protective equipment and a “Green House” certification through LEED.

New entrants related to the homeowners insurance industry first opened their doors in 2005. Unlike competitors in this review, the company offers full coverage to Florida residents.

This Florida focus allows companies to adjust their coverage and consent to clients in the state and provide direct customer service. Security First offers special policy add-ons such as golf cart protection and liability and coverage of porches and luggage compartments, along with the most appropriate cut-out hurricane. For South Florida residents.

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The company is accredited by the BBB and has received an A + rating. There is also a mobile app, but customer service hours are limited. All in all, Security First may be a viable option if you are looking for a solution with a local service provider with multiple policy approvals.

Security First provides flood insurance through NFIP, identity theft prevention, equipment breakdown protection, dog liability coverage, water backup and overflow, better replacement costs. Up, scheduled personal property protection, physical damage and liability on golf carts and windshield covers and car covers. .

The average homeowner insurance cost in Florida is $ 1,988 per year, according to the latest report released by the Insurance Information Institute (III).

Number III states that the national average cost of home insurance is $ 1,272 per year, which is a good deal, lower than the cost of insurance in Florida. In fact, Florida homeowner insurance rates are the second highest in the nation on average, behind Louisiana.

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Florida residents tend to face higher home insurance coverage to offset the higher risk of climate-related claims we will cover below.

While the above average price estimate is a helpful reference, your actual home insurance rate will vary based on the following factors:

We recommend Allstate as the best general home insurance provider in Florida. It offers home insurance policies and solid support with many discounts to help you save on insurance. In addition, Allstate gives you access to a network of dedicated local home insurance agents who understand your pain points as a Florida homeowner.

However, home insurance is far from a one-size-fits-all product. We recommend each provider in this review based on their advantages for Floridians. Before you buy a policy, take a few minutes to compare insurance, discounts and costs. We recommend getting quotes from at least three providers to ensure you get the right insurance and company for your needs.

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Homeowners insurance in Florida is more expensive because the state is more vulnerable to natural disasters. Another factor to consider is the cost of living. Because home prices are the biggest factor determining the cost of living, homes can be more expensive in Florida, which can increase rebuilding costs, insurance, and insurance premiums.

Many homeowners’ insurance companies are withdrawing from Florida, restricting insurance coverage and raising interest rates, making it difficult to find affordable home insurance in Florida. This is due to the increased risk of Florida storm damage.

You can lower your Florida home insurance rates by choosing a higher deduction, making your home remodel with safety features and home and car insurance integration.

You are not required by state law to apply for homeowners insurance in Florida, but your mortgage lender will likely require you to purchase a policy. If you live in a high-risk flood area and have a federally-supported home loan, you will also be required to purchase flood insurance.

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This old home inspection team is committed to providing a comprehensive and impartial review to our readers. This means gaining your confidence through transparency and data to back up our assessments and recommendations.

With that in mind, we created an objective rating system to rate each home insurance company. Here is what the review process looks like:

With this data, we developed an assessment method to rate each home insurance company. Our rating system is a 100-point weight scale based on the following factors:

The old home inspection team consists of full-time researchers who regularly collect and update data points from all companies.

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