Auto Insurance For Senior Citizens

Auto Insurance For Senior Citizens – The best auto insurance for seniors is from Geico, USAA and Esurance. These companies have the best car insurance for seniors because of their low premiums, strong customer service, and high ratings from editors.

Auto insurance companies typically charge more to insure senior citizens, so it’s important for senior drivers to look for insurance providers that offer multiple options to save on auto insurance premiums.

Auto Insurance For Senior Citizens

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The best car insurance company for seniors is Geico because it has the cheapest premiums for senior drivers, according to ’s analysis. Geico also earns high marks from editors for its variety of coverage options, ease of use and large number of discounts.

USAA is a great car insurance option for seniors, as the company offers a wide range of discounts and coverage options. However, USAA is only available to retired veterans, active duty military members and their families.

Esurance is highly rated by users and boasts excellent reviews from J.D. Power and the Better Business Bureau. Esurance also offers competitive premiums, along with an abundance of discounts and coverage options. However, Insurance is not available in every state and is best for seniors who are comfortable managing their auto policy entirely online.

In addition to AAA’s well-known roadside assistance program, they also offer excellent auto insurance policies. Seniors can get competitive rates from AAA, as well as access to a variety of discounts. While AAA’s customer service isn’t always the best, their claims process and transparency are consistently well reviewed.

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State Farm offers competitive rates for senior drivers, as well as an impressive array of discounts and coverage options. The company also gets high marks for customer service. However, consumers complain that State Farm’s claims process can sometimes be frustrating.

Hartford is best known for having an auto insurance program designed specifically for AARP members, featuring discounts and coverage options tailored to drivers age 50 and older. While Hartford receives excellent ratings from the NAIC and the Better Business Bureau, consumer complaints point out that their customer service and claims processes are lacking.

Travelers has pretty good premium rates for senior drivers, in addition to a good range of coverage options and a host of discounts. However, the customer service department of travelers has room for improvement.

Progressive’s rates, discounts and coverage options are all rated well by Progressive’s editors, but Progressive’s rates are higher than their competitors’ rates for older drivers. Their customer service is also lacking, and they aren’t always as transparent as they could be on their website.

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For a low-maintenance senior driver who just needs a basic insurance plan at an affordable price, Mercury can be a great choice. Mercury offers great rates for senior customers, but coverage is only available in 11 states (including Arizona, Florida and New York).

Mercury also offers a standard range of coverage options, but their list of deductibles is smaller than average. Additionally, their claims process and customer service is not the best.

Although Allstate is a highly rated insurance company overall, they are not the best choice for most senior drivers looking for an affordable policy. Allstate’s rates are significantly higher than their competitors’ rates, and they don’t offer as many discounts as most companies of their size. They are also not very forthcoming with information on their website.

Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 15% for taking a mature driver’s course. And in some states, your insurance company is legally required to give you a discount if you complete an approved course.

Car Insurance Rates By Age And Gender

Older drivers can also benefit from usage-based insurance programs, which calculate premiums based on driving habits. Retired seniors and those who drive fewer miles than average are especially likely to benefit from these programs.

Finally, some seniors may qualify for membership discounts based on their membership in certain professional organizations, alumni groups, or recreational clubs.

Older drivers often start seeing higher insurance premiums after they turn 60, with additional increases at 70 or 80. This means that regardless of your safe driving record, you may need to compare quotes to find more affordable auto insurance rates whenever you pass one of these milestones.

For example, AARP Auto Insurance of Hartford offers special discounts and tailored benefits to AARP members. Senior executives should consider the benefits of such programs in addition to other factors, such as cost and customer service record.

Drivers 55 & Older May Qualify To Receive A Discount Through Aarp Smart Driver Course.

Statistics show that older drivers are more likely than middle-aged drivers to suffer serious injuries in car accidents. Thus, senior citizens should consider increasing their coverage limits for insurance that covers medical bills, such as personal injury protection and uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

Editors ranked 17 car insurance companies to determine the best cheap auto insurance for seniors. The companies were evaluated based on:

Companies have earned a maximum of 5 points for each category. editors then ranked the companies by total score to determine the best car insurance for seniors. Price was used as an equalizer when necessary.

The premiums used for this analysis are an average of a series of quotes sourced from Quadrant Information Services, using California ZIP codes and a 65-year-old driver with a good driving record. The following coverage limits applied:

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance (june 2023)

Geico has the cheapest car insurance for seniors, averaging just $39 a month. Geico also offers senior discounts and has strong customer service, making it a good choice for seniors looking for the best car insurance overall.

Costs shown are an average of annual Florida premiums for a good 65-year-old driver with minimum coverage; individual premiums will vary.

Many car insurance companies offer discounts specifically for seniors who take a mature driving course. In addition, seniors can save with discounts for having a safe vehicle or taking advantage of a usage-based insurance program if they don’t drive often but practice safe driving habits.

Government-mandated auto insurance discounts for seniors are discounts required by 34 states and Washington, DC for senior drivers who pass an approved driver safety course. The minimum age for a government-mandated insurance deductible varies by state, ranging from 50 to 65 years old.

Senior Citizen Driver Improvement (scdi)

Even if a discount is not required in your location, some insurers still offer them to encourage their customers to improve their driving techniques.

AAA, AARP, and the National Safety Council are three of the many organizations that offer mature driver safety courses, and members can take the class at a discounted cost. Some insurance companies also have related courses.

Some states require the discount only for seniors who attend in person, although most allow the class to be taken online. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, AAA has canceled in-person courses until further notice and AARP has canceled them until at least 2021, so check with your insurer for updated rules.

Courses are usually four to eight hours long and must be completed within a certain time frame after registration, often a month.

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Depending on the course and insurance carrier, a certificate may be sent to your insurance company automatically, or you may need to email or post it yourself.

Mature driver courses are generally inexpensive compared to the long-term insurance savings they can unlock. While prices vary widely, online courses often range from $10 to $30, and you’ll save anywhere from 3% to 20% on your insurance each year with the discount, usually over three years. After three years, you can simply renew your discount by taking a course again. Some organizations even offer shorter courses if you’ve already taken a class and just need a refresher.

If your state and insurance company do not offer senior discounts for driving lessons, you may be eligible for other discounts unrelated to your age, such as a good driver discount or a low mileage discount. And regardless of the discount, a mature driver’s course is always a good idea if you want to become more confident behind the wheel.

AARP members who are over 50 can get an AARP car insurance discount by purchasing coverage through Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program, which offers rates and features tailored to the needs of seniors. Additionally, Allstate gives current AARP members 20% off roadside assistance coverage, even if they don’t use Allstate as their insurer. Mature drivers, whether AARP members or not, may also be able to get a discount for taking a driver safety course depending on the state and insurer.

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Beyond deductibles, AARP Hartford Insurance includes a RecoverCare benefit, which will help pay for transportation and household needs, like grocery delivery or snow removal, if you’re injured in an accident. Other benefits include a 24/7 claims hotline and a premium rate that is guaranteed for 12 months instead of potentially changing every six months. Hartford’s AARP Advantage Plus program also offers extras like accident forgiveness and a vanishing discount that the standard AARP program doesn’t have.

Yes, seniors can get a discount on car insurance. Senior car insurance discounts of 5% to 15% are available to drivers aged 50-65+ who belong to affiliated groups, receive approved driver’s education

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