5 Things To Know About H E B Credit Card

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When Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B announced it was launching its own credit card in April 2023, media outlets large and small rushed to cover the news. This kind of fanfare against store credit cards is the exception, not the rule.

5 Things To Know About H E B Credit Card

H-E-B’s massive popularity — despite the fact that its stores are limited to Texas and Mexico — almost certainly has something to do with it. With the new H-E-B Credit Card, customers who are already loyal to H-E-B can easily earn cash on their grocery orders.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About H E B

The H-E-B Visa Signature Credit Card issued by First Electronic Bank has no annual fee and earns great rewards at H-E-B, but only when you buy H-E-B brands. For this reason, the card makes the most sense for people who love H-E-B and its store brands. If you’re not married to H-E-B or live near an H-E-B store, check out some of the best credit cards for groceries that earn you rewards no matter where or what you buy.

The H-E-B Visa Signature Credit Card was launched alongside the Central Market Visa Signature Credit Card. As the name suggests, the card caters to shoppers at H-E-B’s high-end counterpart, Central Market. Both cards earn an unlimited 5% back on H-E-B brand items and 1.5% back on everything else.

The rewards structure of the H-E-B card is great for fans of the supermarket chain, but it’s also a solid “everywhere” card. The H-E-B Visa Signature Credit Card earns:

Note that the 5% rate only applies to H-E-B brands such as Hill Country Fare, Cody, Cosinaware, GTC and more. So if you have both H-E-B and non-H-E-B products in your cart, you’ll get 5% back on part of your order, while the rest earn the 1.5% base rate. Orders placed through the H-E-B Go app earn 1.5% on sales at H-E-B Go kiosks and in-store mobile points.

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However, getting 1.5% back is nothing to sneeze at. This rate is competitive with cards from major issuers such as the Capital One QuickSilver Cash Rewards Credit Card and the Bank of America® Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Card. Both cards have a flat rate of 1.5% on all purchases, meaning they lack the H-E-B card’s 5% bonus category.

The H-E-B Visa Signature Credit Card is a different product than the H-E-B Debit Card, MasterCard. Like the H-E-B credit card, the debit card earns 5% cash back on H-E-B branded products, but not 1.5% on other purchases.

Rewards earned with the H-E-B Visa Signature Credit Card can be redeemed as a statement credit, check or direct deposit to a linked bank account. There is no redemption minimum for statement credit or direct deposit, but there is a $20 minimum to receive a physical check.

H-E-B partners with financial technology company Imprint to manage its rewards program, so cardholders must download the Imprint app to redeem rewards.

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As of this writing, H-E-B credit card holders cannot be requested to increase credit limits or add authorized users. The inability to add authorized users can be a particular disadvantage, as it limits each household to only one H-E-B credit card per account. Let’s say you and your partner share grocery shopping responsibilities. If you don’t add the card to your digital wallet, you’ll need to transfer it back and forth before each shopping trip to ensure you get cash back for each transaction.

The H-E-B credit card has a pre-qualification process to see if you qualify for the card without having to run an in-depth inquiry into your credit report.

However, if you decide to formally apply for an H-E-B credit card after pre-qualification, the card-issuing bank will take your credit and this may temporarily lower your credit score.

When an H-E-B credit card is approved, new cardholders get instant access to a virtual card through the Imprint app. The virtual card can be used to make online purchases or load card data into an Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay wallet, allowing you to make in-store purchases wherever contactless payments are accepted.

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